Zuckerberg Unveils Meta Quest 3 Ahead of Apple’s Rumored VR Reveal

Zuckerberg Unveils Meta Quest 3 Ahead of Apple's Rumored VR Reveal

The Quest 3 is scheduled to arrive this fall for just $499. By contrast, rumors suggest Apple’s VR headset will cost around $3,000.


As Apple prepares to launch its own rumored virtual reality product, Mark Zuckerberg today revealed the Quest 3, a VR headset arriving this fall starting at just $499.

In a video showing off the product, Meta’s CEO says (Opens in a new window) that the Quest 3 is the company’s “most powerful headset yet.” It is notable for incorporating multiple exterior lenses to enable “full color pass through” for “high resolution color mixed reality”. This means that you will be able to see your real world environment, despite being attached to the helmet.

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Previous Quest models also featured pass-through, but images can be restricted to black and white, along with grainy textures. Quest 3, on the other hand, promises to take image quality to the next level, paving the way for augmented reality experiences that can overlay virtual reality objects onto your view of the real world.

Other improvements include a higher-resolution screen inside the VR headset, which is 40% thinner than the Quest 2, which should make the new device more comfortable to wear.

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Quest 2 vs. Quest 3 (Credit: Meta)

The silicon inside the VR headset has also been upgraded with a “next-generation” chip from Qualcomm designed to deliver “double the graphics performance of the previous generation Snapdragon GPU in Quest 2.”

“We also completely redesigned the Quest 3’s Touch Plus controllers with a more streamlined and ergonomic form factor,” the company added in a blog post (Opens in a new window). “Thanks to our advances in tracking technology, we’ve eliminated external track rings so the controllers feel like a more natural extension of your hands and take up less space.”

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The new drivers

(Credit: Meta)

Zuckerberg did not mention Apple. But it’s likely that he’s trying to steal the spotlight from the iPhone maker, which is expected to reveal its own VR headset during WWDC next week. According to(Opens in a new window) Bloomberg, Apple’s rival product will also feature cutting-edge augmented reality technology, but it will cost around $3,000, putting it out of reach for most consumers.

Meta itself has also tried to sell a premium VR headset with the Quest Pro, which originally retailed for $1,499. But the company has since dropped the price to $999 in a sign that the public has little appetite for expensive VR gear.

By contrast, the Quest 3 tries to keep the price affordable for mainstream consumers, even though the Quest 2 originally launched at $299 before a price increase brought it to $399. Zuckerberg plans to reveal more about the device during the Meta Connect conference on September 27. Stay tuned for our coverage.

Meanwhile, Meta says it will drop the Quest 2 back to the original starting price of $299 on June 4. The company added: “In a future software update, we will update the GPU and CPU of Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Quest 2 and Pro will see a CPU performance increase of up to 26% with increased GPU speed up to 19% for Quest 2 and 11% for Quest Pro”.

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