Zuckerberg on Apple Vision Pro: It’s not the future of computing I want

Zuckerberg on Apple Vision Pro: It's not the future of computing I want

“Every demo they showed was a person sitting alone on a couch.”

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Mark Zuckerberg shared his thoughts on the Vision Pro headset with employees at Meta, and he’s not a fan of Apple’s future VR/AR headset suggestions.

As The Verge (opens in a new window) reports, a company-wide meeting yesterday saw Meta tease its Twitter alternative, but Zuckerberg also decided to talk about the Vision Pro headphones. He concluded that it was “good news” that Apple didn’t found no “magic bullet” while noting the high cost and the need for a battery because it “requires a lot of power.”

Zuckerberg also noted that every demo Apple showed of Vision Pro had one person sitting alone on a couch. He commented, “I mean, that might be the vision of the future of computing, but it’s not the one I want.” Rather, he believes Meta’s VR headsets are focused on people interacting and “feeling closer in new ways.”

Overall, Zuckerberg said he’s “even more excited and in many ways optimistic that what we’re doing is important and it’s going to be successful.” That’s most likely due to the fact that the Meta Quest 3 viewer is seven times cheaper than the Vision Pro, will be released before Apple’s viewer in the fall of this year, and seems to be targeting a very different area of virtual reality applications.

Zuckerberg’s optimism will be tempered somewhat by the fact that Meta employees who work in the Metaverse don’t like to wear VR headsets. And if Apple’s vision of the future of VR turns out to be correct, Meta could end up being forced to rethink the Metaverse and remove Touch Plus controllers from future versions of Quest headsets.

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