YouTube brings back its oldest video rating option

YouTube brings back its oldest video rating option

My scroll finger thanks you YouTube.

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YouTube quietly reintroduced a video rating feature that will save users a lot of time, scrolling, and finger pain.

Last year, YouTube’s video rating feature was reduced to just two options: “Most Recent” and “Popular.” The third option was called “Oldest” and, unsurprisingly, it instantly sorted the videos in a channel so you could see the oldest ones first. It was especially useful if you wanted to see how your favorite channels got their start.

As Android Police (opens in a new window) reports, when the option to sort by oldest first disappeared, even people on YouTube I thought it was a mistake (Opens in a new window). However, it later turned out to be an intentional change and to view older videos on a channel, you just had to scroll. For channels that have been uploading videos for years, it turned out to be quite the task.

Thankfully, the older sorting option has now returned without fanfare to the desktop and app versions of the service. YouTube has yet to confirm if this is just an experiment or if the feature returns permanently, but I’ll cross my fingers that it returns for good.

In other good streaming video news, it’s now easier to make money on YouTube and Paramount recently decided to let us stream the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds for free. However, if you’re using an ad-blocker in your browser, don’t be surprised if YouTube videos won’t play.

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