You can now share links to your ridiculous ChatGPT conversations

You can now share links to your ridiculous ChatGPT conversations

Screenshot sharing with the chatbot is now a thing of the past with ‘share links’, a new feature that generates a unique conversation URL for friends to see and even keep the chat going.

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Did you get ChatGPT to write a funny story? Have you been debating philosophy or making jokes? OpenAI makes it easy to share these exchanges with a new “shared links” feature that generates a unique URL with the push of a button.

“Shared links offer a new way for users to share their ChatGPT conversations, replacing the old and cumbersome method of sharing screenshots,” says (Opens in a new window) OpenAI. “With shared links, users can allow others to see and continue interesting, funny or insightful exchanges with ChatGPT.”

OpenAI is in the process of “turning on shared links for users on a rolling basis” and says it will soon be available to all users on desktop ( The company hasn’t set a timeline for the feature on its iOS mobile app, though it’s “coming soon.”

Beyond entertaining your friends, “share links can be used to share content with people outside of your organization,” says OpenAI. “This is useful when you have collaborators, such as contractors or clients, who need to see specific messages or conversations.”

Link recipients can also keep the conversation going, which could be useful for collaborators working together on a spreadsheet or planning a summer vacation, for example.

How do you create a shared link in ChatGPT?

To create a shared link, hover over the conversation in the side menu and click the button with an up arrow.

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Share link function.

(Credit: OpenAI)

That will generate a preview link to review before submitting. You can name the conversation and select whether to share it anonymously or with your name by clicking the three dots at the bottom right.

When you’re ready, copy the link by pressing the green button. This generates a URL with the following structure: When the recipient opens it, he can see a snapshot of your conversation and develop it if he wants to.

“This is particularly useful when you want to share a specific piece of information or discussion with someone who is not part of the original conversation,” says OpenAI. “This could be a notable example of a conversation, a specific discussion that needs to be referenced, or an important message that needs to be highlighted.”

Share link preview.

(Credit: OpenAI)

This feature is relatively basic, with no bells and whistles like the ability to set a time limit for someone to see the link or the ability to limit who can open it. But ChatGPT will store the sharing link history in Settings and make it easy to delete.

Delete shared links

Remove shared links in Settings. (Credit: OpenAI)

“Shared links can be used to create a reference point for future discussions,” says OpenAI. “This can be particularly useful when you want to refer back to a previous conversation or message in the future.”

Configuration showing shared links

Setting showing previously shared conversations. (Credit: OpenAI)

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