World Food Day 2023: History, Significance And Why We Celebrate It

World Food Day 2023: History, Significance And Why We Celebrate It

Every year on October 16, the world celebrates World Food Day.

Every year, the focus of World Food Day events is on the advancement of global food security. 

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What is the significance of World Food Day?

world food day

Thousands of people around the world are hungry, and we need to do more to raise awareness and battle the scourge of starvation. 

The WFD can also be used to promote awareness about good eating habits.

World Food Day is observed by several organizations around the world, including the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Food Programme.

Where and when was World Food Day founded?

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a United Nations specialized agency, founded World Food Day in 1945.

It was declared an international holiday after 34 years during the 20th FAO summit in November 1979. 

Following this, 150 countries celebrated the day after it was officially recognised by the United Nations.

Since 2014, globe Food Day has been used to promote the idea of feeding the globe and ending rural poverty. 

Why do we need World Food Day?

In recent years, World Food Day has utilized its annual commemoration to highlight many areas of food security and agriculture, such as fishing communities, climate change, and biodiversity.

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How are we celebrating it now?

The theme of World Food Day in 2023 is “Water is life, water is food.” “Don’t leave anyone behind.”

“Water is necessary for life on Earth.” It covers the majority of the Earth’s surface, accounts for more than half of our bodies, provides food and sustains livelihoods. 

However, this valuable resource is not endless, and we must stop taking it for granted. 

Water is influenced by what we consume and how it is produced. “Together, we can take water action for food and be the change,” writes the United States Food and Agriculture Organization on its official website. 

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