Woman Shocked To Find Cigarette Butt, Ash In 3-Year-Old Son's McDonald's 'Happy Meal' Fries

Woman Shocked To Find Cigarette Butt, Ash In 3-Year-Old Son's McDonald's 'Happy Meal' Fries

The Happy Meal has long been a cherished treat for children, bringing joy to both the little ones and their parents. It’s a moment of happiness when kids unwrap those familiar packages, eager to discover what fun surprises await inside. 

However, the delight quickly turns to disbelief when an unexpected and unwelcome addition arrives, something you certainly didn’t order. 

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Such was the case for one family whose story is a stark reminder that even the simplest pleasures can come with an unpalatable twist.

In Barrow-in-Furness, England, a mother, Gemma Kirk-Bonner, aged 35, was understandably upset when she found a cigarette butt and ash in her children’s Happy Meal from a local McDonald’s. 

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What did the mom discover in her son’s fries?

She had taken her 1-year-old son Caleb and 3-year-old son Jackson for a special treat, but their fries held an unpleasant surprise.

When Gemma brought the supposedly child-friendly meal home, she was furious to discover this unexpected and unwelcome addition to their family dinner. She posted about the incident on Facebook, and her post quickly gained attention. 

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“Forget the toy. It now comes with a cigarette end and ash for extra taste.”

What did Gemma do after discovering the unpleasant surprise?

When she called the restaurant to complain, she said the person on the other end was rude and abruptly hung up the call.

“I gave my three-year-old his without looking. Then I put my one-year-old in his high chair, and I was feeding him by hand. I was picking up the food up for him,” Gemma told The Daily Mail.

“That’s when I noticed the ash and the cigarette in the box. It was disgusting. I was absolutely fuming. If I’d given the box to my three-year-old, he would have tried to eat it. He wouldn’t have known it was different.”

What’s especially troubling is that, according to Gemma, no one has apologized to her. 

How did McDonald’s respond?

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Even the McDonald’s manager hung up on her during their conversation. This occurrence has severely eroded her confidence in the fast-food chain, as she stated,

“It has put me off. It’s made me think twice about going to McDonald’s. I normally take my sons on Friday, but I won’t be doing it this time, that’s for sure. I’m in the process of complaining to McDonald’s head office.”

The local franchise owner, Mark Blundell, highlighted the significance of food safety, underscoring their commitment to maintaining quality and high customer standards. 

He urged Gemma to reach out to customer service so that they could thoroughly investigate the problem and work towards a solution.

This incident isn’t the first of its kind. In the past, a teenager from Mississippi was said to be “traumatized” after discovering a half-smoked cigarette in her Burger King chicken fries. 

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Similarly, in 2021, a woman in Florida alleged that she found a cigarette wrapped up with her soft-shell taco from Taco Bell.

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