‘Wife Dressed Vulgarly On Honeymoon’: Lawyer Reveals Absurd Reasons Why People Want Divorce

'Wife Dressed Vulgarly On Honeymoon': Lawyer Reveals Absurd Reasons Why People Want Divorce

Divorce, once a daunting and stigmatized process, is now viewed by many as a way to regain happiness, peace, and autonomy. As societal awareness and understanding of toxic relationships have grown, more people are choosing to take control of their lives and make the difficult decision to end marriages that have become unhealthy. 

Divorce, often viewed as a liberating step for those in troubled marriages, can sometimes be initiated for reasons that seem absurd or trivial on the surface. 


A list of unusual reasons for divorce has garnered significant attention and even disbelief from many. 

What are the Unusual reasons people head for divorce?

Tanya Appachu Kaul, a lawyer, shared the list on social media, and ever since then, it has gained millions of views. 

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One of the reasons mentioned in the video is a divorce being sought because the wife dressed provocatively during the honeymoon.

She further reveals more reasons, such as “husband gives too much love and affection and doesn’t fight; husband is preparing for the UPSC exam and is unable to give time; and wife refused to touch husband’s feet.” 

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She also mentioned “wife can’t cook and had to leave for work without having breakfast” as a reason.

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This post was posted on October 3 and has since accumulated over 1.6 million views. It has also received numerous likes and comments. Many individuals commented on the post to express their thoughts about these divorce reasons.

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How did people react?


“Second reason is a masterclass in human psychology, something to be extensively researched about.” “And if a woman is more successful at work than her man, she is considered a threat!” commented a second.

Another comment read: “Some people should stay single forever.”

“The institution of family should be on the pillar of love and affection, not marriage,” posted a fourth.

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