‘Why Young People Get Heart Attacks’: Cardiologist Reacts To Narayana Murthy's '70-Hr Work Week' Statement

‘Why Young People Get Heart Attacks’: Cardiologist Reacts To Narayana Murthy's '70-Hr Work Week' Statement

A recent statement by tech giant N R Narayana Murthy has divided the internet. His 70-hour work week suggestion for youngsters is now garnering criticism from medical experts as well.

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Who Is The Doctor Who Spoke About The Issue?

Doctor Criticises Narayana Murthy 70 Hr Work Week Statement

Dr Deepak Krishnamurthy spoke up and shared his opinion on the viral debate on Twitter. He is the Senior Interventional Cardiologist at Sakra World Hospital in Bengaluru.

What Did The Doctor Respond To?

Doctor Criticises Narayana Murthy 70 Hr Work Week Statement
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In a recent uproar across social media, tech titan N R Narayana Murthy, the mastermind behind Infosys, stirred controversy with his bold stance on the ideal work ethic for the younger generation.

Emphasising the need for India to keep pace with rapidly advancing economies, Murthy advocated for a staggering 70-hour workweek. This notion sparked a wave of criticism and debate, with many questioning the feasibility and implications of such an intensive work schedule for the country’s burgeoning workforce.

Enter Dr Deepak Krishnamurthy, a distinguished cardiologist from Bengaluru, who recently voiced his perspective on the matter in a tweet.

Where Did The Debate Start?

Doctor Criticises Narayana Murthy 70 Hr Work Week Statement

The engaging exchange unfolded during the inaugural episode of ‘The Record,’ a captivating podcast presented by 3one4 Capital.

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Why Did The Doctor Not Support Murthy’s 70-hour Work Week Suggestion?

Doctor Criticises Narayana Murthy 70 Hr Work Week Statement

The cardiologist delved into the intricate balance of time allocation within the daily lives of the average professional. Krishnamurthy highlighted how the relentless devotion to work, as advocated by Murthy, might inadvertently contribute to a concerning rise in heart-related issues among the younger generation.

The doctor wrote in his tweet, “Not to mention companies expect people to answer emails and calls after work hours also. Then wonder why young people are getting #Heartattacks?!”

24 hours per day (as far as I know) If you work 6 days a week – 12h per day Remaining 12h 8 hours sleep 4 hours remain In a city like Bengaluru 2 hours on road 2 hours remain – Brush, poop, bathe, eat No time to socialise No time to talk to family No time to exercise… https://t.co/dDTKAPfJf8

— Dr Deepak Krishnamurthy (@DrDeepakKrishn1) October 27, 2023

How Did The Internet React?

Since its initial upload, the thought-provoking post has triggered a whirlwind of responses and went viral, igniting discussions far and wide.

Workforce in many consulting organisations is already questionable. People spend their evenings to meet crazy deadlines.India has great workforce and young population. instead of asking people in the job to spend their life, more hobs shoukd be created and spread throughout the…

— Sujit Singh (@sujitsingh) October 27, 2023

Work culture should definitely change. But towards lesser work hours, Saturday Sunday offs in all workplaces including hospitals, better pays and hikes, Regular institute sponsored trainings to update skills.

— Dr. Mahendra, MD Psychiatry (@drmahi17) October 27, 2023

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Absolutely correct. There are strategic model of Work life balance. All models will fail if 70 hours work. pic.twitter.com/62RddKuiSp

— Sooumen D (@soumen_7) October 29, 2023

More work hours will also lead to burn out, and persistent frustration, which will detoriate quality of both work, and personal life.

— Abhinav Gupta (@abhinavguptas) October 29, 2023

Zindagi bhar nahi karne bol Raha.. 70 saal ki zindagi me 10 saal bhi dhang se itna kaam kar liya toh baki ke 60 saal socialize zindagi ji lo.. Salary kaam ke hisab se mile toh youngsters ko toh dikkat nhi honi chahiye.. unko apne parents se sikhna chahiye jinhone itna Harwork…

— Ashok Rajpurohit (@ashok_apna_AK) October 27, 2023

To say the least, this will lead to cardiac issues, stress related complications, mental & psychological problems, divorce, parental issues, anxiety and so on. Well, he is suggested to follow the famous advice of “be the change you want to see.” Start with family.!

— Nimisha Mathur (@Nimisinhamathur) October 27, 2023

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