Why You Should Always Flush The Toilet First Thing After Checking Into Your Hotel Room

Why You Should Always Flush The Toilet First Thing After Checking Into Your Hotel Room

Travel experts recently revealed the unsettling but totally relevant reason why you should always flush the toilet first thing after checking into your hotel room. 

We’ve seen all kinds of travel tips and techniques throughout the years, such as why you should never fly in shorts and why you should avoid using complimentary shower gel and shampoo at hotels. But this one probably tops the list of important travel do’s and don’ts.

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Why should you always flush the toilet first thing after checking into your hotel room?

Why You Should Flush Toilet First After Checking Into Hotel Room

eShores, a travel company, spoke with a number of hotel employees, including cleaners, receptionists, and wait staff, to get some further pointers.

The travel company told Metro that hotel personnel had warned them of the importance of always flushing a hotel toilet before use, especially in hot regions

The experts advise flushing upon arrival as well as after returning to your accommodation after a day out because in warmer climes, the toilet bowl and under-the-seat area provide an ideal hiding place for insects and spiders. So flush before usage to prevent any unwanted creepy crawlies from appearing.

While we’re on the subject of toilets, make sure you close the lid before hitting the flush button – and this doesn’t just apply when you’re in a hotel.

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Last year, scientists used special lasers to see how far droplets from a flushed toilet travelled, and the results were unsettling. 

Why should you put the flush lid down before use?

It has long been understood that when a toilet is flushed, a cloud of microscopic droplets known as an aerosol is created, which can transmit germs. However, researcher John Crimaldi, a professor of engineering at the University of Colorado, told Business Insider that when they first viewed the film from the experiment, his ‘mouth dropped’ since he had ‘no clue and no reason to assume’ they would carry as far and as broad as they did. 


According to the study’s authors, “Our results demonstrate the surprisingly energetic and rapid growth of aerosol plumes from a commercial toilet and highlight the chaotic nature of the fluid kinematics that transport the particles.” 

Why you should flush your hotel room toilet first after checking in

Crimaldi believes his footage will affect people’s attitudes toward regular toilets, and he has already begun to look at them “suspiciously.” 

 “You go to the bathroom, flush the handle, the stuff disappears, and you’re like, ‘boom, works great!'” he told the publication. Then you look at the videos that we took and you’re like: ‘Oh, maybe not so great!'”

The best thing you can do to assist in limiting the spread is to close the lid. Have fun flushing! 

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