Why Police Killed Iranian Teen For Not Wearing Hijab, Who Is Armita Geravand?

Armita Geravand

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Who Is Armita Geravand?

The Iranian adolescent Armita Geravand, who was attacked by morality police for not donning a headscarf, has passed away. Iranian state media reports that the young woman who went into a coma following what they said was an attack by the country’s morality police because she didn’t wear a hijab has sadly died away. Activists claim that following an alleged attack at a Tehran metro station, 16-year-old Armita Geravand was admitted to the hospital with brain injuries. This incident happened only a few weeks after Iran’s already severe hijab laws were strengthened to penalize women who break them.

Iranian Teen For Not Wearing Hijab

The Hengaw Organisation for Human Rights, situated in Norway, claims that Geravand was “assaulted” by morality police and went into a coma. Additionally, according to IranWire, Geravand suffered a brain injury that required hospital admission. There are rumours that Geravand was approached by female morality police officers close to the Shohada metro station and requested to straighten her headscarf. “Unfortunately, the victim’s brain damage caused them to spend some time in a coma; they passed away a few minutes ago,” the IRNA statement stated. Earlier this week, despite the efforts of medical personnel to save her, Armita was deemed “brain dead.”

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The attack on Armita Garavand was earlier deemed “unbearable” by the German foreign minister, who also compared it to the murder of Mahsa Amini. Iran’s rigorous Islamic attire regulations require women to cover their hair and wear baggy garments. Anyone found to violate these rules will be arrested, fined, or publicly reprimanded by the Islamic religious police, also known as the morality police. Mahsa Amini, 22, who had been arrested for allegedly not wearing her hijab properly, died in September 2022 while under the supervision of the morality police. The massive protests in Iran that followed Amini’s passing were dubbed the “Mahsa movement.” As a result, the administration has tightened regulations regarding headscarves and cracked down on activism.

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