What Is Social Media’s ‘Girl Math’ Trend And How Can You Use It?

What Is Social Media's 'Girl Math' Trend And How Can You Use It?

After taking care of dinner with the likes of the ‘Girl Dinner’ trend, girlies on TikTok are ready to draw circles around their genius calculative life skills with a masterclass on ‘Girl Math’. 

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Who Started The Trend?

What is Girl Math TikTok Trend

Much like every other viral internet meme, it is hard to map the origins of the ‘Girl Math’ trend. However, word on the street is that it all started on Twitter first and soon spilled onto other social media platforms. Eventually, it took off on TikTok with thousands of videos from women pitching in their use of ‘Girl Math’.

What Is Girl Math?

What is Girl Math TikTok Trend

To boil it down to one sentence, Twitter user and disability rights influencer Imani Barbarin explained, “Girl math is essentially the recognition that time, convenience, and money are interchangeable currencies.”

Girl math is essentially the recognition that time, convenience, and money are interchangeable currencies. https://t.co/2UcX1cV5wk

— @[email protected] (@Imani_Barbarin) September 24, 2023

When Is It Used?

The most commonly used examples of employing ‘Girl Math’ on social media


around the idea of things like spending enough to get free shipping because otherwise it is wasting money, timing your hair-wash days according to weekend plans, or recognising that you never wore a cute dress if no one important saw it and no pictures were taken. 

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In such cases, women on social media shared the numerous daily life instances where they employ this feminine logic behind spending and planning their days. 

Why Should You Learn Girl Math?

What is Girl Math TikTok Trend

Well, it is not every day that you get to splurge on your impulse needs. Want to buy a ridiculously expensive wallet or eat that mouth-watering cheesecake on a gym day? You can do it all if it makes your life even sliver happier, all thanks to the holy principles of ‘Girl Math’.

How Do You Use It?

The simplest explanation of the trend is using your delusional tendencies to believe that you are saving money even when you are not. If a purchase is worth the dough, then the bucks spent on it are never a waste or extravagant expense; rather, they are justified. 

Although most explanations tie Girl Math to financial expenditure, the trend is much more than that. The women weighing in on this trend on social media emphasise that ‘Girl Math’ is all-encompassing of intuitive decisions women take to make their lives easier.

YouTube video

The best way to use the trend’s know-how is to simply subtract and add time, effort, or money spent in comparison to the satisfaction and joy received. One Twitter user explains it as “You broke a sweat today, so you can technically afford an extra 400 calories today.” For others, ‘Girl Math’ is much more complex. Here’s a look at how some women use ‘Girl Math’.

You broke a sweat today so you can technically afford an extra 400 calories today.

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— ❁Fat Ass Kelly Price❁ (@LaFawndah) September 24, 2023

If I have $543 . The $43 is free money .

— Lℓуѕѕα ℓσνє (@_Damnshefine3x) September 24, 2023

She bought a $500 purse, but she’s going to use it every day for a year, so it’s really only $1.37 per day.

— Uncle MJ’s Thoughts & Chaos 🫶🏽🫠 (@uncleMJ_) September 25, 2023

If I only spend the cash I have and don’t swipe my card I didn’t spend any money.

— Samurai Chi (@chiNOTshy) September 24, 2023

The gist pic.twitter.com/WEGpqP8xxe

— Keanu (@Keyonn3w) September 24, 2023

Cash left after running errands is free money.😂If something is cheaper than what I thought, the money left unused is me making money from the purchase 😂😂😂

— Vivienne (@wakilivee) September 24, 2023

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