Watch: Astronaut Makes One-of-a-kind 'Space Tortilla' Aboard The International Space Station

Watch: Astronaut Makes One-of-a-kind 'Space Tortilla' Aboard The International Space Station

Eating food in space is a unique experience for astronauts due to the absence of gravity. In microgravity environments, such as the International Space Station (ISS), traditional dining isn’t possible. Instead, astronauts consume specially prepared foods that are dehydrated or freeze-dried to extend shelf life and reduce weight. 

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Who is the astronaut who prepared food inside the international space station? 

Astronaut Prepares Tortilla In Space
X Screengrab

A video shows astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti using her expert tortilla-making talents aboard the International Space Station.

What happens in the video?

Cristoforetti masterfully constructs a tortilla in space’s unusual microgravity environment in the video. As she works with it, this round flatbread, similar to Indian roti, floats gracefully. 

Where was the video shot?

The video was released by the European Space Agency (ESA) via the X social media network (previously known as Twitter). The original article, published on October 16, asked, “What food would you bring to space?” During her #MinervaMission, our astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti prepares a space tortilla.” 

This fascinating look at life on the International Space Station has fascinated viewers all over the world.

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Why is it hard to eat food in space?

Astronaut Prepares Tortilla In Space
Twitter Screengrab

To eat, astronauts use rehydratable pouches, squeeze bottles, or utensils that help prevent food particles from floating away. Mealtime is structured, and astronauts are required to secure their trays and containers with Velcro or magnets to prevent them from floating around the spacecraft. 

Despite the challenges of space dining, NASA and other space agencies have worked to improve the taste and variety of space food to ensure astronauts receive the necessary nutrition and psychological comfort during their missions.

How did she prepare the tortilla? 

Samantha Cristoforetti’s tortilla preparation in the video includes an unusual combination of components. Notably, the video shows a green puree defined as leek cream, a mouthful of quinoa, ketchup-like sun-dried tomatoes, and floating mackerel pieces coming from a silver pouch. 

She expertly handled the components that were floating around the kitchen while preparing this lunch. It’s worth noting that Cristoforetti shot this footage, which was later posted by the European Space Agency on ‘X’ and Facebook.

Cristoforetti’s video has been viewed by thousands of people on Facebook and Instagram, and 58,000 people have watched it on X. 

The scientific rationale for utilising tortillas in orbit is explained by NASA’s Kennedy Orbit Center, as traditional bread is prohibited aboard the International Space Station due to the risk of creating fragments that can create uncontrollable risks in the microgravity environment. 

“How do you like your coffee?” tweeted ESA a few weeks ago, along with a video of astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. Cristoforetti shows how astronauts drink coffee on the International Space Station in the video. 

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Watch the video here

What food would you bring to space?😋Our astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti shows you how she prepared a space tortilla during her #MinervaMission🌮Happy #WorldFoodDay!

— ESA (@esa) October 16, 2023

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