Want To Know What Gen Z's Texting Norms Are? They Believe Fast Replies Indicate Real Interest

Want To Know What Gen Z's Texting Norms Are? They Believe Fast Replies Indicate Real Interest

The gestures and language of romance have changed dramatically in the last decade, thanks to the development of online dating and shifting lifestyles.

According to the latest dating trend, if you respond to an SMS sent on your phone, you are actually interested in them. QuackQuack, a dating app, conducted a one-week survey of 12,000 users from Tier 1 and Tier 2 Indian cities. 


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It’s all in the speed of texting 

The participants varied in age from 18 to 32, with 65% working professionals and 35% students and business owners.

42% of Gen Z users on the platform said the speed with which a match responds is very important. It is a sufficient indicator of whether a person desires you or is simply not interested in you.

28% of female users in the sample believe that if your match responds in less than 2 minutes, it shows their interest in you. You can also presume they wish to continue the conversation. 

Length also matters 

Another intriguing point raised by these daters is that if your match stays online and in your chat box during a conversation, there is a greater likelihood that they are genuine and looking for a serious relationship.

The remaining 20% indicated that if a match, particularly a man, takes more than three days to respond, he may be conversing with other individuals. It’s simply an assumption, but it’s proven to be correct more frequently than not. 

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The length of the initial communication, according to 39% of users, can determine the outcome of a match. A lengthy initial message is frequently regarded as a sign of genuine interest. 

Learn to take the hint 

A comprehensive message, according to Gen Z, could indicate that your match is not mass-sharing the same message with a million more individuals. A well-crafted message boosts the chances of attracting people’s attention and implies a genuine desire to connect. People looking for casual connections like to send brief, impersonal messages. The ladies highlighted the hints they frequently leave for their matches. 

According to 26% of female users aged 20 to 32, if a woman finds her match’s joke slightly amusing and communicates it with more than a simple LOL, she may be hinting that she is interested. 

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