Vishnu Idol Resembling Ram Lalla Found In Krishna River

Vishnu Idol Resembling Ram Lalla Found In Krishna River

In a significant archaeological discovery, ancient artifacts have been unearthed from the depths of the river Krishna in Karnataka, India. 

Among the finds are a Vishnu idol and a shivling, believed to date back centuries, shedding light on the region’s rich historical and cultural heritage. 

The discovery has sparked excitement among historians and researchers, offering new insights into the religious practices and beliefs of ancient civilizations that once thrived along river banks. 

As efforts to excavate and study these artifacts continue, they promise to unravel more about the ancient civilizations that once flourished in the area, adding to our understanding of India’s diverse and vibrant cultural tapestry.

What Has Been Discovered From Krishna River In Karnataka?

The discovery of a centuries-old Lord Vishnu idol and a Shiva Linga in the Krishna River during the construction of a bridge in Raichur’s Shakti Nagar is an incredible find.

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A millennia-old sculpture depicting Lord Vishnu adorned with his ten avatars, known as ‘dashavatara,’ was found near the Krishna river in Karnataka’s Raichur district.

This remarkable discovery draws parallels with the recently enshrined idol of Ram Lalla in the newly erected Ram Temple in Ayodhya according to PTI. 

The Vishnu statue is of immense importance as it showcases the diverse forms of Lord Vishnu, including Matsya (the fish), Kurma (the tortoise), Varaha (the boar), Narasimha (the half-man, half-lion), Vamana (the dwarf), Parashurama (the axe-wielding warrior), Rama (the prince of Ayodhya), Krishna (the charioteer of Arjuna), Buddha (the enlightened one), and Kalki (the future avatar). 

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Vishnu Idol resembling Ram Lalla found in Krishna River; Shivalinga recovered too | Image: X

This find offers valuable insights into ancient religious beliefs and artistic representations.

Crafted from a rare black stone, the idol is estimated to be several centuries old. Its location near the Krishna River enhances the historical significance of the discovery, given the river’s long-standing association with ancient civilizations and religious rituals spanning centuries.

In addition to the statue of Lord Vishnu, an ancient Shivalinga was also uncovered, further enhancing the religious and archaeological significance of the site. 

A Centuries-old Vishnu Idol Similar To Ram Lalla Has Been Found In The Krishna River In Karnataka
Vishnu Idol resembling Ram Lalla found in Krishna River; Shivalinga recovered too | Image: X

Dr. Padmaja Desai, a lecturer specializing in ancient history and archaeology at Raichur University, shared insights on the Vishnu idol, suggesting that it likely adorned the inner sanctum of a temple before being deposited in the river, possibly during a period of temple destruction.

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