Viral Job Interview Question Leaves Candidates ROFL, Here's Why!


Candidates are accustomed to answering conventional questions about their skills, flaws, and experiences during job interviews. However, every now and then, an unusual question appears, surprising and amusing interviewees. 

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What was the interview question?

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A gigantic interview question given by a job applicant recently made its way into social media, eliciting a wave of laughs and highlighting the lighter side of the job search process.

The picture, shared by Nugget on Instagram, included a screenshot from a job application. Instead of the normal questions about qualifications and career objectives, the interviewer threw a curveball by saying, ‘You have been handed an elephant. It cannot be given away or sold. ‘How would you handle the elephant?’ 

A user named Beeta first shared the post on the X platform (previously Twitter).

What did people say on the internet?

The description that accompanied the original post’s photo stated, “This is definitely the most bizarre question I have ever seen on a job application.”

When this unexpected question was shared on Instagram, the post soon gained traction, with folks from all over the internet responding with their own amusing comments. 

interview question

The comments section became a virtual zoo as people shared their favourite jumbo-sized creatures and the funny reasoning behind their choices. Many participants also exhibited inventive answers to the hypothetical difficulty of coping with an imaginary elephant. 

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“Simple answer,” one online user replied. I’d take that elephant and locate a circus that would train it and pay me every time they used it. That manner, I may get a passive income from the elephant I was given.”

How did this question help people break the ice?

While this enormous question may appear strange in the context of a job interview, it functioned as an interesting icebreaker that allowed candidates to demonstrate their personalities and sense of humor.

It also demonstrated the company’s willingness to take a lighter approach to the hiring process, establishing a good and easygoing environment.

Furthermore, it not only relieves tension but also reveals a candidate’s capacity to think on their feet and address issues creatively. Check out the viral post here.

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