Tourists Wake Up To Nightmare As 250 Bats Crawl All Over Their Hotel Room

Tourists Wake Up To Nightmare As 250 Bats Crawl All Over Their Hotel Room

In the Czech Republic, some tourists were shocked when they discovered more than 250 bats inside their hotel room one morning. They had left their window open, and these small creatures flew in while they were sleeping. 

An animal rescue worker and the hotel receptionist were seen in photos trying to capture and release the 256 bats that had settled in the room. 

The hotel guests, a couple, were staying at the Art Nouveau Sloven Hotel in Plzen and had left the window open due to the heat.


‘The door to the hall was also left open, so about 50 bats were hiding in the space between the wall and the ceiling near the furniture.

‘The receptionist showed us a leaflet in three international languages saying that guests should not leave the windows open as there is a risk of a bat invasion.’But as you can see, unfortunately, it’s in vain; it’s in vain; it’s in vain. Even though the pamphlet is in every room,

‘Even the maid didn’t bother to close the door and windows, so dozens of the flying mammals could move in easily.’

He added, ‘As long as the warm weather lasts, you have to expect an uninvited bat visit.

‘The moment it gets noticeably colder, the bats will move to other locations.’ For several years now, Czech authorities have been warning locals about ‘bat invasions’ during August and September.

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Plzen, being on the bats’ migration path, is a common stop for them. 

Last year, between August and September, rescue stations found 1,306 bats in apartments and hotels, according to the Czech Union of Nature Conservators. To prevent bat invasions, they recommend closing windows at night since bats can enter even through open windows.

In Karlovy Vary, 400 bats entered a room through an open vent last year, and sadly, nearly half of them died. 

Animal rescuer Vilém Babič, who originally aimed to save 100 bats, ended up rescuing four times that number, calling it a disaster. The Soprano bat, one of the smallest bats in the Czech Republic, feeds on flying insects and often resides in city parks, uninsulated panel houses, and natural crevices.

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