Tourist's Foolish 'Stunt' In Jungle Goes Viral In Dehradun

Tourist's Foolish 'Stunt' In Jungle Goes Viral In Dehradun

In a startling revelation from Dehradun, a local man’s social media post has ignited widespread concern over tourists’ risky behavior in the jungle. 

The post vividly recounts an alarming encounter involving three individuals accompanied by a child. 

A tiger sat far away, engaging in a foolish “stunt” amidst the wilderness. The incident has rapidly gained traction online, prompting a discussion about the importance of safety and responsibility during jungle excursions. 

As authorities investigate the matter, the viral post serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of reckless behavior in natural habitats.

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What Happened At The Jungle In Dehradun?

In a recent incident witnessed by a Dehradun resident, the principles of responsible exploration were disregarded by a group of tourists who, seeking amusement, partook in foolish antics during their safari outing. 

Fortunately, the situation did not escalate into a tragedy, but the vigilant observer took action by capturing the scene and sharing it on social media to promote awareness. 

Anand Sankar, in his post on ‘X,’ humorously portrayed the scene by overlaying joker emojis on the faces of the tourists, highlighting the absurdity of their actions (while protecting their identities). 

Dehradun Man
Man’s post on tourists fooling around in the jungle | Image: X

The scene depicted a child sitting on a man’s lap, both precariously positioned outside the boundaries of the jeep, with a distant tiger emoji serving as a stark reminder of the surrounding hazards. 

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Sankar recounted the tense ordeal, emphasizing the futile efforts of drivers, guides, and himself to dissuade the tourists from their risky positions.

Moreover, he underscored, “Following my safari, I engaged in a lengthy conversation with guides and drivers. 

These individuals are deeply distressed as tourists frequently disregard their instructions. In the event of an accident, guides and drivers are unfairly held accountable, despite bearing no responsibility. Even worse, if a tourist fatality occurs, these individuals endure prolonged legal battles. 

Guides and drivers lament that tourists often treat them as mere servants and subject them to verbal abuse when reminded to behave responsibly.”

Where Can You Check Out The Post?

You can check out the post on X posted by @kalapian_.

3 x 🤡 + 1 👶 & 1 🐅 at the safari yesterday.I was very tempted to face-shame all of the 🤡 s in this post.All the drivers + guides + ME repeatedly told the 🤡s to not sit like that and hold the 👶. 🤡s refused to listen. Instead the 🤡 holding the 👶 was almost about to…

— Anand Sankar (@kalapian_) February 13, 2024

How Did The Internet React?

The viral post triggered a surge of apprehension and demands for measures to address negligent tourists, as commenters recalled previous tragedies and urged strict discipline enforcement.

Dehradun Man
Internet reacts to this man’s post on tourists fooling around in the jungle | Image: X

Dehradun Man
Internet reacts to this man’s post on tourists fooling around in the jungle | Image: X

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