Toilet Paper In The Fridge Takes Social Media By Storm, Find Out The Reason Behind The Viral Hack!

Toilet Paper In The Fridge Takes Social Media By Storm, Find Out The Reason Behind The Viral Hack!

You know how on social media, trends pop up like mushrooms after the rain? It’s kind of wild how one moment you’re scrolling through your feed, and BAM! Everyone’s doing this new dance or obsessing over a random cat meme. It’s like a digital rollercoaster—fast and unpredictable. 

But hey, that’s what makes social media so entertaining, right? You never know what hilarious or bizarre thing will blow up next. It’s a wild, wild digital world out there!

And the latest one is stashing toilet paper in the fridge, believe it or not. Here’s what we know about why people are doing it! 

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Why are people putting toilet paper in their fridge?

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Once the smell of outdated food or spilled milk has set in, it can be tough to eliminate, but social media users believe that a surprising product can help: toilet paper. 

According to a New York Post report, social media users claim that toilet paper can help absorb moisture in the air in the refrigerator, which can contribute to mould, mildew, and foul odours.

Although it may not be the most appealing sight, keeping a roll of toilet paper at the back of your fridge can help it smell fresh. 

What else is the alternative?

toilet roll
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According to Parade, a lifestyle and home website, baking soda is more commonly used to neutralise odours; the less expensive option works better at eliminating both excess moisture and acids that produce odours. 

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Several films have been published online demonstrating that this hack works and that individuals use it in their daily lives. 

Parade, on the other hand, recommends using a fresh roll, storing it in the back of the fridge away from anything that could leak, and discarding the roll after three weeks. “Don’t try to reuse the roll in the bathroom,” the outlet said. Watch a video about this trend here.

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