There is a job that ‘pays up to Rs 1 crore just to replace light bulbs’, but it involves a ‘very high’ catch

There is a job that 'pays up to Rs 1 crore just to replace light bulbs', but it involves a 'very high' catch

The role is that of a Tower Lantern Changer. Science888 claimed in a TikTok video that the people doing the work can earn up to $130,000 (Rs 1 crore).

Credit: Science8888

Credit: Science8888


Credit: Science8888

Subscribe to notifications Thinking of quitting? Do you want to change jobs? Do you envy what your friend is doing to earn good money? How about changing a few light bulbs to win big? Are you aware of a job that pays a handsome £1,00,000 (Rs 1 crore) just to change light bulbs once in a while? Related newsWoman Weighed on Airport Luggage Scale for Security Viral Clip Angers Netizens ViralVibe

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Maybe you will. But many are not aware of what it implies. We live in a world where millions of people risk their lives every day to earn meager wages or salaries. However, the employees who take on the risky work at high altitudes to change light bulbs are well paid, at least that’s what reports claim. Multiple clips shared on social media over the years show people climbing a 1,500-foot tower to change light bulbs for a hefty salary. The role is that of a tower lantern changer. Science888 claimed in a TikTok video that the people doing the work can earn up to $130,000 (Rs 1 crore). The clip informs viewers that the bulbs to be replaced are not common, and that the people doing the special work are trained for high-altitude operations. “Actually, this is not a normal light bulb. Neither can anyone do it. This is a special job for high-altitude operations, replacing light bulbs for signal towers over 600 meters high.” the clip mentions. “This kind of signal tower is different from ordinary tall towers. In terms of appearance, it is built from a metal support (the higher the height, the thinner the support) and there are no protective measures, [climbers] relying solely on a rope to protect them,” he adds. First of all, the person at work cannot be afraid of heights. The clip reports that the job can take more than six hours as the worker must be very careful while climbing up and down the 1500ft tower. He also has to be physically fit and must be very aware of the high wind speeds at the top of the tower.

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Every six months, this man from South Dakota climbs up this communication tower to change the light bulb. He gets paid $20,000 per climb.

— Historical Videos (@historyinmemes) December 2, 2022 The clip claims workers earn £100,000. However, the salary for the job varies by other sites and the job may be submitted once every six months in some cases. According to Field Engineer, ‘Starter tower climbers with less than a year’s experience often average $17 (£13) per hour in their role with less than a year’s experience. “For those with more experience than that, you can expect to earn around $19 (£15) an hour,” Field Engineer added. Tower Lantern Changer posts are reportedly listed on Jooble. As expected, many netizens were puzzled by the job title. Some even asked if they qualified to run for the positions.

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