'The Curd Of The Matter': Photo Of Man Sitting On Raw Paneer Goes Viral, Internet Expresses Concern

'The Curd Of The Matter': Photo Of Man Sitting On Raw Paneer Goes Viral, Internet Expresses Concern

Paneer is a beloved delicacy in desi households, which is enjoyed when our mothers prepare hearty meals or by health-conscious gym goers who can’t get enough of its nutritional goodness.

While many households prepare their own paneer, local dairies provide a convenient source of cottage cheese by weight. However, a photograph that recently surfaced on the internet is making desis cringe and worry about hygiene.

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Who was seen sitting on raw paneer?

X Screengrab

On the microblogging site ‘X,’ user @zhr_jafri shared a photo of a man in a lungi sitting on something atop mounds of thick, exposed paneer, with excess water leaking into a dish beneath.

“Never buying non-branded paneer after seeing this,” the user exclaimed.

It even sparked speculation about if similar incidents occur in local dairy shops, and the internet began to speculate if even well-known businesses indulge in such unhygienic and cringe-worthy activities. 

What did the people on the internet say? 

Never buying non branded paneer after seeing this 😄 pic.twitter.com/DCeOnrp82F

— Azhar Jafri (@zhr_jafri) October 28, 2023

“What if this paneer is packaged, labeled, and sold?” “LoL,” said one user. Another remarked, “Branded paneer is sat on by people wearing Gucci shoes.”
“Yeah, branded paneer guys wear branded lungis or bermudas during this process,” observed a third sarcastically. 

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Where was the image captured? 

While the photograph suggests “Kanpur, UP,” the actual site of this incident is unknown, emphasizing the importance of exercising caution when purchasing such products on the market. 

Meanwhile, the original poster remained suspicious that manufacturers followed the same precautions, even posting a video of a rather sanitary paneer manufacturing process at Udaipur’s Paras Dairy. 

When has it happened before?


This isn’t the first time that unsanitary paneer production has come to light. Authorities seized over 2,000 kg of paneer prepared in unhygienic conditions from two milk dairies in Vasai, Maharashtra’s Konkan district, in 2019. 

The Thane Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tested samples of the cottage cheese to confirm its validity. This raid came just days after a dairy in Vasai was caught employing sulfuric acid in the paneer-making process. 

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