The CID actor’s move to become a teacher proves that switching careers at any age is ‘absolutely’ okay

The CID actor's move to become a teacher proves that switching careers at any age is 'absolutely' okay

The popular TV series ‘CID’ had intriguing cases, memorable characters, and a fan base that couldn’t get enough of. From ACP Pradyumn’s signature gestures to the unforgettable catchphrase, “darwaaza all do”, the show entertained and became a social media sensation.

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One character who left a lasting impression was Inspector Vivek, a regular presence in numerous episodes. However, recent rumors surrounding the show have taken the internet by storm.


Viivek Mashru’s amazing career transition

From meme-worthy moments to the halls of higher education, this captivating story will leave you in awe and nostalgic.

A viral tweet exposed the unexpected twist in Vivek’s story, revealing that actor Viivek Mashru, who played the beloved character, has embarked on a new path as a college professor in Bangalore.

“If you know him, your childhood was amazing”, one user tweeted with a photograph of Mashru.

if you know him, your childhood was amazing 👍😎

— Walter Black (@Samosaholic) May 21, 2023

After racking up 3.8 million views, the image was retweeted with a noteworthy comment.

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Mashru’s LinkedIn profile reveals the truth “He’s a professor at my brother’s college now, I’m not even kidding.”

Social media caught fire when a small investigation into the current efforts of actor Viivek Mashru, known for his role in the iconic TV show “CID”, revealed an intriguing truth.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mashru now serves as the Director of the Department of Common Core Curriculum (DCCC) at CMR University (CMRU).

Man I’m actually pretty impressed with him

— P ✨ (@pratzeexo) June 22, 2023

WTH like seriously imagining being in his class and saying “kuchh to gadbad hai Vivek Sir” 😂

— DIVYANSH¹⁷ ॐ (@ImDivyansh_17) June 22, 2023

The revelation sparked a frenzy among Twitter users, who expressed amazement and admiration for the actor’s career change.

From Cid officer to university professor. What a change!

—Nikhil Kumar (@ImNikhilKumar_) June 22, 2023

One user couldn’t contain his surprise, noting that Mashru and the actress who played Dr. Tarika had stopped acting. They saw it as an inspiring lesson that changing your path in life is perfectly acceptable.

and teaches cyber and digital forensics…

— . (@yamentos) June 22, 2023


—Hardika Gautam (@HardikaGautam) June 22, 2023

That? just checked his linkedin profile, the guy has a degree from the university of texas man!

—Ninja (@CoolNinja_21) June 22, 2023

I like when good actors flourish everywhere like Yass King. Aren’t you unemployed after your program ended and would rather live in a more respectable job? I love watching it 💯💯

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—esh☝🏽fan account (@zevolutionaries) June 22, 2023

Plot twist 😆

—Pragya Srivastava (@PragyaS35895981) June 22, 2023

Fans are fascinated by Mashru’s journey and persistence:

I can’t believe that both he and the actress who plays Dr. Tarika are no longer in the acting profession 😭from TV actor to analyst to design professor what a journey! 😲 also a good lesson that it’s okay to change your path in life 😁

— modern sad child (@panaurti) June 22, 2023

My God! 🥹🥹🥹 Such a qualified person from the TV industry 💙🥹#CID @VIIVEKMASHRU

—Liz/Barsha (@debunk_misinfos) June 22, 2023

WTH like seriously imagining being in his class and saying “kuchh to gadbad hai Vivek Sir” 😂

— DIVYANSH¹⁷ ॐ (@ImDivyansh_17) June 22, 2023

In addition, a Twitter user provided valuable advice to other netizens, urging them to explore Vivek Mashru’s LinkedIn profile. His fascinating life journey had captivated them.

On his LinkedIn page, Mashru lists his work experience at “CID” and describes the importance of the show: “‘CID’ was a prime-time crime-based show broadcast on Sony TV India.


It is one of the longest running Indian-Hindi TV shows, with a runtime of approximately 21 years. Conceived and produced by Fireworks Productions and directed by veteran directors, the show consistently achieved high TRP ratings and garnered numerous awards.”

Inspiring change and diverse paths

Viivek’s career change from a renowned television actor to an influential figure in academia shows the multifaceted nature of his talents. His journey inspires those contemplating career changes, proving that one can forge a diverse and fulfilling career path.

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