Tegan Chen Obituary, 10-Year-Old Tegan Ariel Chen Has Died

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Here we will give the details about Tegan Chen as the public is searching about her over the internet. The public is going through the internet to know more about Tegan Chen and not only that they also like to know the details about her passing as the news about it is going viral over the internet. So, for our readers, we have brought information about Tegan Chen in this article. Not only that we are also going to give the details about her death as the public is searching about it over the internet. So, keep reading through the article to know more.

Tegan Chen Obituary

With deep affection, we remember Tegan Chen, a dear person whose kindness, warmth, and unwavering energy left a lasting impression on everyone lucky enough to have known her. Twelve-year-old Tegan Chen was a bright and vivacious girl who made everyone around her happy. Her warmth warmed everyone’s heart, and her laughter reverberated throughout the school hallways. Tegan had a strong desire to learn new things and a wide-eyed curiosity about them. Whether she was assisting a fellow student or enjoying games with friends, she exuded warmth and generosity. Tegan was an artist at heart, capable of transforming even the most basic sketches into vivid works of art. Her infectious joy for life made every day more enjoyable.


We grieve the loss of 12-year-old Tegan Chen, a lively soul whose life was sadly cut short following a heartbreaking tragedy. Tegan, who was renowned for her contagious laugh and insatiable curiosity, met an unfortunate end while taking in the splendour of the national parks in New Zealand. Coen Swijnenberg and Charlotte van Schyndel, two Dutch tourists who felt comfortable in these environments at all times, voiced their shock at the catastrophe. Kiwi trekkers Grant and Jo McFarland were devastated. They acknowledged the unbearable suffering Tegan’s family must be going through and offered prayers for them.

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Tegan’s death raised concerns about safety precautions because it happened on a portion of the track that another walker thought was safe. The Department of Conservation said they will follow any advice resulting from the incident when asked about any warning signals. Te Anau’s Graeme Davies, the operations manager, sent his sympathy. We’ll take steps and learn our lessons to ensure that similar tragedies don’t happen again. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tegan’s family, friends, and everyone else impacted by this tragic loss. We remember Tegan Chen, a vibrant and loving 10-year-old, who unfortunately lost her life to drowning in a heartbreaking chain of circumstances.

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