Surat Vendor's Salad Or Pizza Sparks Debate

Surat Vendor's Salad Or Pizza Sparks Debate

In the bustling streets of Surat, a unique culinary creation has captured the attention of food enthusiasts – the Fruit Pizza. 

While the name might evoke images of cheesy goodness, this Surat vendor’s rendition surprises taste buds with a ‘refreshing’ twist. Rather than traditional pizza ingredients, the dish is a delightful overload of vibrant fruits, transforming the concept into a delectable fruity salad. 

This innovative fusion of flavors has sparked a buzz among foodies, showcasing the city’s culinary creativity. As Surat continues to redefine gastronomic boundaries, the Fruit Pizza stands out as a testament to the delightful surprises hidden in the heart of India’s diverse street food scene. 

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What Is This New Food Innovation In Surat?

Salad Or Pizza Surat
Surat’s street vendor food innovation Salad or Pizza | Image: Instagram

Embracing the age-old tradition of savoring a classic fruit salad or chaat holds a special place in Indian culture. 

The combination of diverse fruits, enhanced by the flavorful touch of chaat masala, orchestrates a harmonious blend of refreshment and well-being. 

But brace yourself – the internet has recently unveiled a culinary gem from Surat, introducing the ‘Fruit Pizza’ that transcends the conventional pizza concept; it’s essentially a fruit salad on an elevated scale! 

Don’t just take our word for it; social media is abuzz with excitement over this luscious revelation!
As showcased in a video shared by @foodie_incarnate on Instagram, a Surat vendor crafts this nutritious pizza with a creative twist. 

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Salad Or Pizza Surat
Surat’s street vendor food innovation Salad or Pizza | Image: Instagram

Using a watermelon as the base, cleverly cut into a pizza-like round shape, the vendor artfully arranges triangular watermelon slices. 

The toppings are a medley of chaat masala, grapes, pineapple, kiwi, dragon fruit, and an assortment of chopped dry fruits generously drizzled with honey and cream. 

With a price tag of Rs. 280, blogger Amar Sirohi confidently christens it the “World’s Healthiest Pizza.” 

Where Can You Watch The Video?

You can watch the viral video posted by Amar Sirohi on Instagram.

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How Did The Internet React?

 Nevertheless, diverse opinions emerge in the comments, as some label it a sophisticated fruit salad.

Salad Or Pizza Surat
Internet reacts to this Surat’s street vendor food innovation Salad or Pizza | Image: Instagram

What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments.

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