School Of Lies Review: Nimrat Kaur’s Gripping Drama Fails To Create Atmospheric Tension With Soulless Performance


School Of Lies Review: As the title suggests, this story by Nimrat Kaur might have given you chills with its hushed subject matter, however, it left a disappointment with dull entertainment.

School Of Lies Review: Thrillers are gaining intense share on OTT platforms where viewers remain interested in searching for the truth till the end. ‘School Of Lies’ is another thriller series starring Nimrat Kaur in which he deals with a missing boy with follow-up events that raise questions and unravel a terrifying mystery. All episodes of ‘School Of Lies’ are streaming on Disney+Hotstar.


The series revolves around a missing 12-year-old boy named Shakti, who goes missing from a boarding school. From then on, things start to spiral out of control as hidden facts about the place and horrible truths about the characters in the hostel’s closets are uncovered.

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The film’s narrative is promising and tense with a decent plot that never goes over the top during the series, however, the boring performances of each character can make you skip some intense monologues that are unnecessary throughout the show.

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Nimrat Kaur takes the lead in the series, playing the character of Nandita Mehra, a student counselor who interviews several students at the school to find out the truth behind the missing boy. Giving great vibes to Vidya Balan from ‘Kahani’, her acting skills are still unmatched, however, one can get bored to some degree when the final episodes just spiral and your leading lady also follows the beat which makes the drama be late.

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As the trailer gave candid chills, the series just aims to create an atmospheric tension where with the fictional city and usual dialogues, the whole setup will make you feel over the top, where one might want to end up with the kid.

What works for the series:

Nimrat Kaur’s no-nonsense performance saved this thrilling drama, which could have been more captivating and interesting, as her excellent and competent acting will make you want to dive deeper, and with her on screen, there’s hope that the series will pull away for find the last mystery. . Her acting chops are too steadfast to show in the movie that is required with a missing child, where the other authorities couldn’t care less, she has well taken the driver’s seat.

What is not:

The creators have not taken its plot seriously, as the casting did not do justice to the script, which could be more intriguing. One cannot imagine the ruthless and careless behaviors of little children with polished tantrums that one can only imagine.

The seemingly same dialogues witnessed in all the other thrilling dramas were also served in this real life incident which might have sent chills down the spine with mixed emotions but left us with nothing but simple disappointment.

Final thoughts:

The series tends to portray a child’s story filled with disconnection and loneliness that takes away the magic and freedom from the life of a young soul. Life in a boarding school that is strict and in bars is perfectly captured by the creators of the series, where the phases of mental problems under pressure faced by young minds can trigger various emotions within you.

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It’s a story of anger, shame, and pain as young people enter the phase of adulthood with a host of questions and actions on their minds, and the secrets behind aging smiles can sometimes raise a major red alert. .

Director: Avinash Arun

Cast: Varin Roopani, Divyansh Dwivedi, Aryan Singh Ahlawat, Hemant Kher, Parthiv Shetty, Adrija Sinha and Aalekh Kapoor

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