Rodent Revelry: Rats Feast On Confiscated Liquor At Madhya Pradesh Police Station

Rodent Revelry: Rats Feast On Confiscated Liquor At Madhya Pradesh Police Station

In Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, 60 bottles of illegal liquor that had been seized unexpectedly vanished from a police station. According to the authorities, the perpetrators are rats who drank all of the confiscated booze. 

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What happened in Madhya Pradesh? 

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The story takes an unexpected turn when the police arrest one of the suspected rodents while another vanishes from the scene. Meanwhile, it is unknown whether the rats were the masterminds behind the alcohol consumption. 

The seized bottles were evidence in an illicit liquor case, and now that the evidence has been destroyed, officials face a difficult task in proving their case. The local police have officially reported to the court that rodents damaged 60 bottles of country liquor held in the Kotwali police station’s evidence room. 

Who found out about this unusual incident?

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In response to the event, station in charge Umesh Gohlani informed the Times of India, “These small bottles of country liquor are made of plastic, and rodents chewed them up, causing the liquor to be damaged.” We prepared a panchnama report in accordance with the procedure and submitted it to the court for consideration. The court normally analyses genuine matters. Evidence, such as empty bottles, should be present.” 

“Our police station is in an old building, and a lot of seized items are kept there.” Rodents are a hazard. We do take precautions to catch them and release them elsewhere. “We also caught some after this case,” he continued. 

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How did the authorities react?

Surprisingly, no other items in the room were destroyed, raising new concerns. Meanwhile, Umesh Gohlani discussed additional safeguards put in place to protect evidence. 

He added that seized ganja or hemp is kept in iron trunks to minimise rodent damage. Files and other documents, on the other hand, are stored at a height to prevent rodents from accessing them. 

Rats have caused disturbances not just at Kotwali police station but also at other government facilities in Chhindwara. Among the offices infested by these rats are the district hospital, collectorate building, and education department. 

According to reports, the rodents have devoured vital documents and even dead bodies.

According to ETV, Chhindwara District Hospital spends a lot of money each year trying to trap rats, yet the essential files are still getting ruined by the irritating rodents. 

Rats have been considered responsible for the disappearance of booze in several other states, including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Tamil Nadu, in addition to Chhindwara. Watch the video here.

🇮🇳 Rats Indulge in Liquor Heist at Chhindwara Police StationIn an unusual incident, a group of rats managed to consume 60 bottles of liquor stored in a police station in Chhindwara district, Madhya Pradesh. While one rat has been “arrested,” the remaining rodents are currently

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