Remember When This Street Vendor Got Attacked By UP Man Over Golgappa Dispute?

Remember When This Street Vendor Got Attacked By UP Man Over Golgappa Dispute?

Remember an unexpected incident in the bustling streets of Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh,that attracted the attention of internet users across the country in August this year?  

A bizarre assault involving a street seller and a client over a seemingly insignificant item went viral, shedding light on the difficulties that small enterprises face in metropolitan areas. This is what happened.

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Where is the video from?

golgappa vendor attack
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Due to its unusual circumstances, an assault in Uttar Pradesh’s Hamirpur district went viral. This video shows a consumer assaulting a street vendor selling five golgappe for ten rupees. 

Who was fighting in the video?

Instead, the customer’s request for seven golgappe sparked an argument between him and the vendor. The argument became cinematic when the client, identified as Kishor Kumar, physically lifted the seller, Ram Sevak, and began beating him in the middle of the street.

An onlooker captured the incident on camera in Hamirpur’s centre, near Akil Tiraha.

golgappa vendor attack
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Hamirpur Police initiated an investigation after the video went viral. Kishor Kumar had been able to leave the location before the cops arrived. As a result, the video enabled officials to identify him, and he is currently being sought.

How did the authorities react? 

It is worth noting that the Akil Tiraha area of Hamirpur has a history of such incidents due to the presence of miscreants. This recent attack emphasises the region’s need for increased awareness and safety precautions. 

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The victim, Ram Sevak, has not made a formal complaint with the police, citing his refusal to participate in judicial proceedings. The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges that street vendors and small businesses face when operating in congested urban areas. 


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