Rangoli Optical Illusion Challenge: How Many Circles Can You Spot?


Rangolis are beautiful traditional Indian art forms made on the floor, typically using coloured rice, flour, or flower petals. They come in various intricate designs and are a prominent part of Indian culture, especially during festivals and special occasions.

Today, we present you with a unique challenge—count the number of circles hidden within a mesmerising rangoli. Can you solve this intriguing optical illusion?

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Can you find the exact number of circles in this Rangoli optical illusion?

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Before you start counting, here are some tips to help you succeed in this challenge: Rangolis often feature symmetrical patterns, which can make it easier to identify circles. Look for repeating shapes or motifs that are symmetrical across the centre or along the axes.

Don’t just rely on strict geometric shapes. Rangolis are known for their artistic interpretations of patterns and designs. Circles may be disguised as floral patterns or other intricate details.

The use of contrasting colours can help distinguish circles from the surrounding design elements. Keep an eye out for colour variations that hint at circular shapes.

If you’re struggling to see the circles, try zooming in on different sections of the rangoli image. Sometimes, a closer look can reveal hidden details. Now, take your time to count the circles within the rangoli. Once you’re ready, we’ll reveal the answer.

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Here’s the result!

After careful examination, we have counted 25 circles in the rangoli. We hope you enjoyed this rangoli challenge and found it both fun and intriguing. Rangolis, with their intricate designs and hidden elements, are truly works of art.

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