Proud American Woman Celebrates Self-Acceptance With Her 4-Inch Beard

Proud American Woman Celebrates Self-Acceptance With Her 4-Inch Beard

Imagine flaunting your beard in public. Now imagine doing that as a woman. It’s not hard to imagine the looks, comments and criticism that will be directed at that person. But every once in a while we find everyday heroes who defy the norm in their own style and become something of an internet legend. 

This is one such instance. 

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Who is the lady with a four-inch beard and no regrets?

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Meet 30-year-old Coral Renaie, a full-time digital content creator from Kansas, US. She has managed to draw a lot of attention after posting pictures of herself online flaunting her beard. 

Initially, there was a lot of criticism from strangers on a regular basis, both offline and online. But today, Coral adores her face and claims that her boyfriend, Illias, does as well. Coral has joyfully quit shaving her beard and has begun to embrace her appearance.

What is the woman currently going through?

Coral’s facial hair growth is a result of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). “It’s been a really painful journey, both physically and emotionally,” Coral recently told Need To Know. She used to be very self-conscious about her body, she revealed.

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She presently has a four-inch beard and has no plans to shave it anytime soon. 

Where did her journey to self-acceptance begin? 

Being a lady with a beard wasn’t always easy at first. She was bullied for her hairy appearance and was regularly subjected to derogatory remarks and looks. It was a 16-year-long journey at the end of which she finally said goodbye to the razor, and she did so to challenge the so-called fixed beauty standards for women.

When did she first notice the beard and decide to shave it?

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Coral was nine years old when she saw a large patch of hair growing on her face. She began shaving her face every day when she was 12 years old, and this process lasted 16 whole years.   

At the time she started shaving, she believed that it was the only way she could live in this world.

Many individuals advised her to shave frequently. Many people took her photos and frequently inquired about her gender. 

“People need to realise that the only thing that makes me different from anyone else is my defiance,” she said. She also stated that she loves herself and that her partner, Illias, is not bothered by her hair growth. Her mother and nieces also assist her. 

How is she currently dealing with her condition?

During her interaction, Coral Renaie spoke about the importance of self-acceptance. She now believes she is deserving of love and joy, and after so many years, she no longer needs to make concessions.

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She feels more confident with herself now that she hasn’t shaved in a few years. She also expressed gratitude to her partner for his love and support.

“He lets me know that he is my safe place,” Coral explained. Watch her video below:

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