'Perfume Water' For ₹23,000: Dior Launches 3-Step Skincare Line For Babies; Internet Reacts

'Perfume Water' For ₹23,000: Dior Launches 3-Step Skincare Line For Babies; Internet Reacts

Move over toys and teethers; Dior has now stepped into the world of luxury skincare for toddlers, unveiling a collection that comes with a heavy price tag. 

Among the offerings is a £230 ‘scented water,’ marking a unique and extravagant entry into baby care.

The introduction of the Baby Dior fragrance dates back to 1970, and the recent launch signifies a revival of the original collection, renowned for its inherent ‘softness.’ 


A standout in the lineup is Bonne Etoile, a £230 scented water designed for infants, with its name translating to ‘lucky star.’

Conceived by the renowned French perfumer Francis Kurkdijan and acclaimed for creating the beloved Baccarat Rouge 540, the fragrance is characterized as a ‘living childhood memory’ with pear, rose, and white musk notes.

Dior’s three-step skincare regimen for toddlers features an £80 cleanser, £80 foam, and hydrating milk priced at £95.


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Apart from the fragrant water, the complete skincare regimen comes with a price tag of £485.

The centerpiece of the collection is Bonne Etoile, priced at £230.

‘The pastel-colored bottle of Bonne Étoile is adorned with an imaginary and fantastical garden of Granville, featuring a menagerie and colorful hot air balloons, a Toile de Jouy pattern specially created for the occasion,’ the website reads.

It added: ‘More than a scented water, it is an object imbued with reverie that can be personalized with the colored ribbon of your choice to accompany your child like their lucky star.’

Additionally, the luxury perfume allows customers to personalize the bottle with a colored ribbon of their choice.

The pricing strategy of luxury baby skincare products, such as Dior Baby’s £230 scented water and other high-end options, may seem ridiculous and bizarre to many. 

The concept of premium skincare for children raises questions about the necessity and practicality of such products, considering infants’ limited understanding and preferences.

Here is how the internet reacted to bizarre price ranges and ingredients in baby skincare:


As consumers navigate the holiday season and encounter extravagant gift guides, the choices and trends in luxury baby care continue to be debated and scrutinized. 

In another holiday gift guide, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website featured pricey skincare for children.

Among the offerings was a £100 Barbra Sturm ‘Baby & Kids Body Set,’ specially designed for kids with sensitive skin. 

Ultimately, the perception of value in these products may vary widely among individuals, prompting reflections on the evolving landscape of parenting and consumerism.

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