Optical Illusion: What You See Will Reveal How You Approach Love And Relationships

Optical Illusion: What You See Will Reveal How You Approach Love And Relationships

If you want to know more about how you approach love and relationships, then take this optical illusion personality test to reveal your true personality.

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What Do You See?

The task is simple. All you have to do is observe the optical illusion given above and determine which image you saw first. The image you see first will reveal how you see relationships and approach love in your life.

Optical Illusion Personality test Reveals How You Approach Love

What It Means

Old Man

If your initial focus lands upon him during this personality assessment through optical illusion, it signifies far more than a mere inclination for facial hair. It unveils a multifaceted connection with your personal history, where past encounters frequently conceal themselves behind the facade of wisdom.

You seem to perceive love like an experienced gardener. Each relationship appears to you as a seed, an opportunity for growth that enriches the soil of your inner being. With time, you envision yourself nurturing a flourishing garden, one teeming with the wisdom garnered from previous romantic experiences.

However, on your journey to “grow,” you’ve constructed protective walls from the bricks of past encounters. While these walls may offer a sense of safety, they prevent the very love you yearn for from entering. You’ve grown so cautious that even the thought of taking risks feels like presenting someone with a weapon to potentially wound you.


If you see the birds first, you are an individual who sets lofty aspirations, whether in life or in matters of the heart. Your discerning gaze is equipped with a list of qualities and attributes as meticulously crafted as a sonnet. While maintaining standards is crucial, there exists a fine boundary between being discerning and transforming into a captive of your own unattainable anticipations.

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Genuine love frequently appears in unexpected forms, often presenting itself as a beautifully imperfect revelation. While you continue to seek your idealised love in the heavens, remember to also pay attention to the potential soulmates strolling alongside you here on earth.


If you first notice the mountains, then you are someone whose desire for connection is profound, grounded in the recognition that emotional intimacy forms the bedrock of a fulfilling relationship. Nonetheless, past hurts have transformed you into your own Everest.

Although your emotional detachment may seem like a safeguard, genuine love requires something more. It is important to note that the scenery is much more stunning when it’s shared.

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