Optical Illusion Quiz: Identify The Ostrich Among The Ducks


Today we have a mind-bending and mind-boggling new optical illusion image to put your brain to the test. This optical illusion can only be solved by people with above-average intelligence.

If you believe you have a high IQ, do this optical illusion test and discover the ostrich hidden in the accompanying image. Only 2% of people were able to pass this optical illusion test. Take this quiz and see if you can spot the hidden ostrich in this image in 12 seconds.

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Can you spot the hidden ostrich among all these ducks?

Identify The Ostrich Amongst The Ducks

Optical illusions are often mind-bending, shape-shifting representations of an object, a picture, or a person that challenge the brain’s perspective of reality.

There are several varieties of optical illusions, including physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions, to name just a few examples. According to studies, the average human brain can perceive objects or images differently depending on the angle from which they are viewed. 

These optical illusions feature frequently in psychoanalytic examinations because they can provide information about your cognitive ability and how you perceive the environment. This time, we have an intriguing optical illusion image in which you must explore through the image to uncover the hidden ostrich.

So, the task for you now is to find the hidden ostrich in this optical illusion. According to the study, the more difficult and perplexing problems you solve, the brighter you get. 

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Optical illusions usually reveal fascinating facts about how our brains function. Certain colour, light, and pattern combinations can fool our minds into seeing something that isn’t actually there. Go uncover the hidden ostrich in this optical illusion image. 

The task for you now is to find the hidden ostrich in the provided photograph by taking a closer look at it. This optical illusion will be harder for you to locate. In this optical illusion test, only 2% of participants correctly identified the hidden ostrich.

Now, carefully examine this image and try to discover the ostrich buried within this optical illusion to ensure you are among the 2% of individuals. 

Here’s the solution!

Don’t worry if you haven’t located the ostrich concealed in the image.Because of our perception or angle of sight, our brain may become confused and struggle to send messages to our eyes at times. 

You are a true genius if you found the hidden ostrich in the image on the first try and inside the time restriction. If not, there is nothing wrong with it, and you need not be concerned. 

You are still deserving! Here is the revelation for those who haven’t located the hidden ostrich in the offered optical illusion exam. Take a look at the image below. For your convenience, we’ve highlighted the hidden ostrich in this photograph. 


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