Optical Illusion: Find The Hidden Owl

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The word illusion comes from the Latin phrase illudere, which meant to mock or trick. Optical illusion images are intended to deceive the human mind and are regarded as one of the most basic tests for determining an individual’s intelligence and attentiveness. 

Neuroscientists have employed optical illusion images to investigate how the brain constructs the impression of reality.

It is recommended that completing optical illusion problems on a daily basis would help you develop stronger problem-solving skills. 

Do you have excellent visual skills?

Let’s find out.

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Find the hidden owls under 6 seconds in this optical illusion

Optical Illusion Find The Hidden Owl
You have to find the hidden owls in this image | Image: Mercury

The image above depicts a forest setting.

Three owls are carefully hidden in the image, and the challenge for readers is to locate them in 6 seconds.

This assignment will put your visual abilities to the test. 

Your time begins now!

The owls have blended very well with the surroundings, making it difficult for readers to identify them at first glance.

Camouflage is a survival method used by animals and birds. 

Were you able to spot the owl?

People with the best visual abilities will be the first to notice the hidden owls.

Look at the image one more time before time runs out.


Time is up.

Stop looking now. 

How many of you saw the owls within the time limit? 

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Here’s the result! 

We believe some of our keen-eyed readers have discovered the hidden owls.

Those who couldn’t discover the owl can see the solution below.

The three owls may be seen sitting on a tree on the right side of the image, slightly out from the center. Check the answer here.

Find The 3 Hidden Owls In This Image Under 10 Seconds
Here are the 3 hidden owls | Image: Mercury

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