Optical Illusion: Do These Circles Look Different Color? see it again

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For millennia, optical illusions have captivated the human mind, challenging our perception and questioning the reliability of our senses. The phenomenon of circles that appear to have different colors but are identical is one of the fascinating illusions that continue to baffle us.

We examine the exciting world of visual perception and the hypnotic optical illusion of seemingly disparate circular hues. Get ready to put your senses to the test as we uncover the mysteries of this exciting phenomenon.

If you are ready to test your visual perception, take a look at the image below. Three circles are arranged side by side, each surrounded by a gradient background. Despite their similarity, these circles appear to have distinct nuances. Is this, however, the case?

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Is there a color difference between these circles in this optical illusion?

All three circles are actually the same shade of blue by u/EndersGame_Reviewer on optical illusions

The image, uploaded to Reddit by u/EndersGame, shows three equally sized circles on a flat surface. When you look at the image, the circles appear to be different shades of blue. The reality, on the other hand, is quite different. It turns out that the circles are the same color but look different.

The phenomena at play here are called “simultaneous contrast illusions.” It occurs when our visual system interacts with contrasting tones, causing a change in our sense of tone. The surrounding gradients in this illusion create conflicting color gradients, allowing our eyes to see the circles as different shades.

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Find the difference in the colors of the circlesReddit /u/EndersGame

We must first investigate how our visual system interprets colors to understand this illusion. Color receptors in our eyes, the cones are sensitive to different sections of the color spectrum. Because these cones are particularly sensitive to red, green, and blue wavelengths, we can experience a wide spectrum of colors.

When we see a colorful object, our visual system registers the exact color, the surrounding hues, and the context. When two different shades are placed close to each other, simultaneous contrast occurs, causing our visual system to exaggerate differences in color perception.

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No problem; Here is the solution:

Solution to this optical illusion

If you’re still not convinced, place the circles next to each other on a white surface. Once you’ve done that, you’ll notice that the circles are all the same color. Are you stumped by the image? What do you think of this optical illusion?

Find the difference in the colors of the circlesReddit /u/EndersGame

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