Old advertisements for MS Dhoni prove that he is an all rounder, they introduce him as Rajinikanth and SRK

Old advertisements for MS Dhoni prove that he is an all rounder, they introduce him as Rajinikanth and SRK

When it comes to doing it all, former Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni certainly has something to say about it. From owning the field with his bat to showing the world what a leader looks like, Dhoni has been very busy. His talents aren’t limited to being useful on the cricket pitch, however; he also extends his charm to other unexpected places.

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Old MS Dhoni Ads Showing Him As Thalaiva And SRK Go Viral

Old advertisements for Dhoni feature him as Rajinikanth SRKTwitter

In his recent run as the captain of Chennai Super Kings in the IPL championship, Dhoni won the hearts of all cricket fans. One month after his legendary tournament victory, Dhoni is going viral again, but for reasons far more intriguing than a cricket match.

A Twitter user amused people on the internet when he shared a thread of Dhoni’s unusual acting attempts, which, I might add, were exceptionally entertaining. The user shared some of MSD’s appearances in television commercials.


These ads not only shocked those who were too young to have witnessed them in the past, but also pushed Dhoni to be on the same platform as movie legends like Shah Rukh Khan and Rajnikanth.

Dhoni did several commercials for Pepsi in which he pushed his boundaries as an actor.

In a Pepsi advertisement, Dhoni took on the persona of Thalaiva and acted in similar tones as famous South Indian actor Rajnikanth. In the ad, Dhoni was spinning his bat as if he weighed nothing. He had a mustache much like Ranjnikanth’s and wore what is often seen on the locals in South India, a checked lungi. To add the finishing touches, Dhoni also donned a pair of sunglasses to enhance his swagger.

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Thala channeled her inner Rajnikanth in this Pepsi ad!🔥🥵pic.twitter.com/FJfdtNYH0R

— 🏆×3 (@thegoat_msd_) June 22, 2023

In another ad, Dhoni was filmed with Shah Rukh Khan. The ad story made SRK and Dhoni turn their lives around as Khan played the role of a successful cricketer and Dhoni became the shining star of Bollywood.

What if MS Dhoni was a Bollywood celebrity and Shahrukh Khan was a cricketer? 😂🤙🏻pic.twitter.com/OHbXypvGwU

— 🏆×3 (@thegoat_msd_) June 22, 2023

Then there was a Pepsi ad where people imagined how Dhoni came up with his famous “helicopter shot” on the pitch. In another ad for the brand, Dhoni transformed into something of a detective while surveying the cricket ground. All the announcements from him in his thread just made people online realize how big of a legend the player really is, even outside of the field he’s so used to.

Do you know how MS Dhoni learned the “helicopter shot”? 😂🚁pic.twitter.com/MjrKQT0zTj

— 🏆×3 (@thegoat_msd_) June 22, 2023

Sreesanth’s cameo is gold!😛💎pic.twitter.com/3IYw3aUYMX

— 🏆×3 (@thegoat_msd_) June 22, 2023

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