Now You Can Own An Entire Romanian Village With Houses, A Pavilion, And Zip Line For £650,000

Now You Can Own An Entire Romanian Village With Houses, A Pavilion, And Zip Line For £650,000

The dream of owning a property that offers security and a sense of place is a common aspiration. But what if that dream could be elevated to an extraordinary level, where you can purchase an entire village? 

In a remarkable juxtaposition of real estate values, an entire village nestled in the southeastern European landscape of Romania has become available for purchase. 

This opportunity is set apart because the price tag attached to this charming village is markedly lower than that of a single bungalow in some of the most upscale neighborhoods within bustling Indian metropolises. 

This intriguing contrast highlights the fascinating world of property markets across continents.

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Where is this village located?

This lovely village is featured on Sotheby’s International Realty and combines traditional Romanian architecture with modern comforts.

The houses are decorated with colorful accents like green and blue doors, wooden ceilings, and beams that reflect the area’s history. Additionally, there’s a stone storeroom with a rooftop garden, ideal for growing herbs and attracting wildlife.

The description states: “In Feresti, where Romanian traditions are still alive, where the folk costumes are proudly worn, and the households hide stories behind the monumental wood gates, a unique ensemble of traditional houses is waiting to reveal itself in front of the lovers of beauty. The ensemble is made of almost 2400 square meters of land. It includes five carefully restored houses, a pond with sturgeons, carps, and trout, a storeroom made of stone, a wooden timber pavilion, a sauna, a hot tub, and a barbeque zone.”

“Next to the other houses, benefiting from a zip line and a specially designed barbeque zone, the tree house is ready to be discovered in the wooded area (1500 square meters). The entire ensemble offers 22 beds, making it the ideal place for families eager for nature and relaxation or those who want to disconnect from daily life.”


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How can you buy the village?

Feresti is available for purchase at Sotheby’s, with a price of $797,872, approximately Rs 6,62,69,373.

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