Norjuma Habib Mohamed: Wiki, Biography, Age, Bankruptcy, Business, Net Worth

Norjum Habib

Norjuma Habib Mohamed: Wiki, Biography, Age, Bankruptcy, Business, Net Worth, Husband, News, Dan Sultan Brunei, Instagram, Birthday, Birthplace, Divorced, Hometown, Nationality, Family, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Businessman & Other Details: Norjuma Habib Mohamed is a very famous, successful, popular, distinguished and trending person. She is one of the most reputable social media entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and influencers. In most of it, she is referred to as a businesswoman and a self-made woman, because that is where she first gained popularity. Apart from that, she is also a social media person.

ity, celebrity face, public figure and internet icon too.

Lately though, things really aren’t so great for Norjuma. In very recent news, he announced his bankruptcy in the media. She is trending in the media to a great extent. Minute by minute, Habib is receiving more and more publicity. Let’s keep reading to learn more about Norjuma Habib Mohamed, her story, her career, and everything you need to know.

Norjuma Habib Early life and childhood

Norjuma Habib Mohamed was born on November 5, 1980 in Bayan Baru, Penang. He was born into a modest, well-settled upper-middle-class family and followed the Muslim religion. According to reports, she was born into a very religious home and believed and had great faith in Allah.

norjum habib

Norjuma was born to her father, Datin Norjuma Habib Mohamed, who was a businessman. However, no information about his mother is known or revealed in the media. Furthermore, it is also unclear if she has siblings or if she grew up with her parents as an unmarried child. Not much is known about her childhood or any of her family members. However, we know that she belongs to Malaysian ancestry and was a very intelligent and curious girl since childhood of hers.

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Education Norjuma Habib

As we have already established, Norjuma was actually a very intelligent and sharp-minded girl since she was a child. Habib has always been curious about what is happening in the world around her and what she can contribute. She knew how important it is to have a good education and academic record. Her parents enrolled her in a local high school. From there, she completed her high school graduation with flying colors.

At that point, I had an idea of ​​what I would want to pursue. Therefore, he enrolled in the International Islamic University of Malaysia. From there, he completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration. After three years of rigorous study and active participation, Norjuma graduated from the University to focus on his future.

Habib’s career

As soon as he completed his education and all academic studies, Norjuma decided that it was time to focus on his career. It is also said that before becoming a businesswoman and businesswoman, Ella Habib was also a lawyer. However, she did not practice for long and decided to enter the corporate world. Eventually, she Norjuma built her own company called Aidijuma’s famous Pom Pom Scarf Collection. As time went by, more and more people became involved in her company and her business prospered.

She was interviewed and published on many large and reputed platforms for her achievements. Norjum soon even became a celebrity and also a businessman. Her career was really going well and people were becoming more and more aware of her identity.

Norjuma Mohamed files for bankruptcy

Sometimes good things also suffer great losses. In a very recent news, we have come to know that Norjuma Habib Mohammed has filed for bankruptcy and has filed for bankruptcy. The Georgetown high court ruled the same when he failed to pay RM260,400 to an organization called Famous Up Entertainment. All the chaos started in August 2022, when the corporation forced Norjuma to pay the sum.

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norjum habib

However, even after his constant warnings when Norjuma could not pay the amount, Famous Up Entertainment took the case to court. They registered a case in October 2022. Furthermore, it also found out that this same corporation has also filed two defamation lawsuits against Norjuma. In addition, there is also an arrest warrant in his name, but it has not been acted on yet.

Husband of Norjuma Habib

Beyond her personal life, Norjuma is a 43-year-old woman. And as obvious as it sometimes is, she’s also a married woman. Norjum Habib Mohamed married Datuk Mohammed Nazim Razak. She was a suitor that her parents arranged for both of them. Not much is known about Datuk and their relationship. What we do know, however, is that the couple is now divorced and living apart. They are also the parents of two boys named Mohammad Aqil Razak and Mohammad Nazim.

Norjuma Habib Net Worth

As we have already established, Norjuma Habib is a glorious woman who will leave her legacy behind her. The people she worked with and the positions and offices she acquired will forever be indebted to her contributions. In addition, it’s no secret that over the years he has earned not only a reputation, but also a huge amount of financial resources. After some estimation and guessing, we have guessed that her net worth is around $300K.

Mahkamah isytihar Norjuma bankrap [METROTV]

Here is Norjuma Habib Full Wiki Biography, His Age, Bankruptcy, Business, Net Worth, Husband, News, Dan Sultan Brunei, Instagram, Birthday, Birthplace, Divorced, Hometown, Nationality, Family, Ethnicity, Sexuality, businessman.

Norjum Habib Information Table

Name Norjum Habib Mohamed
Gender Female
Profession Businesswoman, Entrepreneur
Height (approx) N/A
Approximate weight.) N/A
Measurements of the figure N/A
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Birthdate 1980
Age (as of 2022) 43 years
place of birth Malaysia
Zodiac Sign/Sun Sign N/A
Nationality Malaysian
Place Malaysia
School city ​​high school
College University of Malaysia
Educational Qualification Graduation
Religion N/A
ethnicity White
Breed Islam
ADDRESS Malaysia
Hobbies/Interests Music, News, Fashion
Civil status Divorced
Affairs / Boyfriends / Girlfriends A stranger
Sexuality Right
Parents Present
Siblings A stranger
Children 2 sons
Net worth $300k
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Social media accounts –


Some lesser known facts –

  • She is 43 years old, divorced and the mother of three children.
  • Norjum divorced her husband after almost seven years of marriage.
  • He was born and raised in Malaysia.
  • Norjum follows the Islamic religion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Habib Mohamed

Who is Norjum Habib Mohamed?

She is an entrepreneur and businesswoman.

What happened to her?

He announced bankruptcy in March 2023.

How old is she?

43 years

Is married?


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