Noida: Apology billboard with ‘I Am Sorry Sanju’ makes Twitter users laugh out loud

Noida: Apology billboard with 'I Am Sorry Sanju' makes Twitter users laugh out loud

Lovers often resort to extravagant gestures or actions to make up for quarrels in an attempt to reconcile and rebuild their relationship.

Some people may plan elaborate surprises or events to express their remorse. This could involve hosting a surprise romantic dinner, hosting a weekend getaway, or even presenting thoughtful gifts.

How far will someone go to make amends with their loved ones?

Forget the traditional flowers, chocolates and emotional letters; The internet has just raised the bar for those looking to apologize (figuratively speaking, of course).

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Noida billboard features hilarious apology

In today’s episode of what the hell is going on in Noida

β€” πŸ₯­ 🐭 (@uDasKapital) June 26, 2023

A viral image shows a genuinely epic gesture by a woman named Sush, which took “going the extra mile” to a whole new level. She bought a huge billboard in Noida to communicate her deep regret to her friend. Yes, a billboard-sized ‘sorry’.

Noida residents were shocked when they noticed an unexpected apology on a billboard. The text on the banner, which is widely displayed for all to see, reads, “I’m sorry, Sanju. I promise I’ll never hurt you again, Sush,” accompanied by childhood photos of two boys, apparently depicting the girls. people involved.

Unsurprisingly, the billboard quickly spread to Twitter, where people instantly turned it into a funny situation.

According to a Twitter user with the handle @uDasKapital, the incredible billboard was chosen for Noida’s Sector 125, adjacent to the Okhla Bird Sanctuary metro station.

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Twitter users couldn’t avoid ROFL

The posted photo quickly went viral on the microblogging platform, racking up 222,000 views and counting.

He received humorous responses from Twitter users, which captured the core of the scenario. This is what people wrote.

noida has outdone itself again

β€” Shikhar (@ShikharTheBun) June 26, 2023

Noida mai kaunse sector ka hai yeh

β€” Sahil Dayal Mathur (@Dislexciyasahil) June 26, 2023

supremacy up16

β€” utsa fan club and prabhat patnaik (@UP16stanaccount) June 26, 2023

OMG I saw this too lmao 😭

β€” πŸ’„ (@pamhalpert29) June 26, 2023

If they take it away, they have to pay the money back. Either way the goal is achieved 🀣

β€” The Vocal Citizen (@vocal_citizen) June 26, 2023

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