New York Man Rescued From Overnight Confinement In Jewellery Vault As Scheduled Timer Unlocks Chamber

New York Man Rescued From Overnight Confinement In Jewellery Vault As Scheduled Timer Unlocks Chamber

A guy was detained overnight inside a steel-reinforced concrete jewellery vault in New York City after firefighters were forced to abandon an attempt to rescue him due to safety concerns. According to officials, the vault was on a timer and opened on its own on Wednesday morning.

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Who was the guy who was stuck in the jewellery vault?

New York Man Rescued From Jewelry Vault

According to Assistant Fire Chief John Sarrocco, the fire department was called to the midtown Manhattan building on Tuesday evening after the guy became trapped while attempting to enter his safe deposit box. 

What is a jewellery vault?

The Guardian

A jewellery vault is a secure storage area or room designed to store and protect valuable jewellery, gemstones, precious metals, and other high-value items. These vaults are typically used by jewelry stores, pawn shops, banks, and individuals who have a substantial collection of valuable jewelry.

Jewellery vaults are built with a strong focus on security. They often have reinforced walls, floors, and ceilings to resist intrusion. Security measures can include advanced locking systems, alarms, surveillance cameras, and access control systems.

Where did the incident happen?

The World Diamond Tower, located at 580 Fifth Avenue, is home to various jewellery stores. Sarrocco didn’t say anything about how the man got stuck.

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Officers from the fire department and police were communicating with the individual inside the vault and watching him on a security camera. Sarrocco said that the fire department’s rescue crews have tools capable of breaching the vault’s 76-centimetre steel-reinforced concrete walls. 

“The process of breaching the wall at the vault has begun,” he said at the scene during a news briefing. 

When did he get out?

Sarrocco stated that after about 10 hours, the firefighters reached the steel plating and chose not to go any farther, concerned that their rescue efforts would hurt the individual trapped within. 

“The problem with the plating is we’d have to use our torches,” he went on to say, “which would affect the environment for that person inside the vault. Sarrocco said the doors opened at 7 a.m. as planned, and the individual was unharmed.

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