New Optical Illusion Challenge: Can You Spot The Red Bird In The Fruit Tree?

New Optical Illusion Challenge: Can You Spot The Red Bird In The Fruit Tree?

Optical illusions have always captivated us because of their capacity to fool our perception and test our cognitive abilities. They serve as a reminder that our brains are only sometimes as dependable as we believe. One such fascinating optical illusion is the “Red Bird in the Fruit Tree.” 

This task will put your visual acuity and concentration to the test. Can you find the elusive red bird lurking among the tree’s branches and fruits? Let’s get started.

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Can You Spot The Red Bird In The Fruit Tree In This Optical Illusion?


Finding this unique species among the rich crimson berries will take a lot of work. What makes it especially challenging is that you have only ten seconds to finish the task.

The video was released by lifestyle blogger Lovey Legacy (@iamlovey_legacy). “Spot the red bird,” she asked her audience. “I saw this beauty just outside my bedroom window. Extremely soothing.”

It was less soothing for those looking for the colourful, feathery creature. Take a moment to inspect the fruit tree image closely. Examine the branches, leaves, and fruits for details. Concentrate on the many colours and shapes in the image. 


Remember that optical illusions frequently rely on our brain’s predisposition to create patterns-based assumptions. Look for any anomalies or things that do not appear to fit the tree’s natural pattern. Keep in mind that the red bird may blend in or be partially covered by its surroundings.

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Please take note of the location of the red bird after you believe you have found it. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t find it. Optical illusions can be hard, and in this case, the tree was laden with juicy, scarlet berries.

Here Is The Answer You Are Looking For!

In the image below, we’ve circled its location. It was an ideal hiding spot for this lovely bird. It blended in seamlessly with the background.


Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail. It was challenging to locate.

Optical illusions, such as the “Red Bird in the Fruit Tree” remind us that our brains are hardwired to make assumptions and misunderstand visual information. They also provide a fascinating look at our visual acuity and attention to detail.

So, did you spot the red bird in the fruit tree in time? Let us know in the comments.

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