New build of Windows 11 tests universal control for PC accessories RGB lighting

New build of Windows 11 tests universal control for PC accessories RGB lighting

It seems that the new ‘Dynamic Lighting’ control panel mainly supports Razer’s third-party mice and keyboards for now, but other vendors plan to join.

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A universal app that can control the RGB lighting of your PC’s various accessories is starting to make its way to Windows 11 via beta.

The so-called “Dynamic Lighting” panel is included in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23475, which will be available to users enrolled in the Windows 11 Dev Channel.

The panel can be accessed via the Settings > Personalization page > Dynamic lighting, and is designed to let you control RGB lighting on peripherals built with the “open standard HID LampArray,” Microsoft said in a blog post (Opens in a new window) on Wednesday.

dynamic lighting panel


“By embracing an open standard and working with our OEM and ODM partners, Microsoft seeks to enhance the ecosystem of RGB devices and software for users by increasing device and application interoperability,” the company added.

That means you won’t necessarily need to download and run various third-party apps to control your peripheral lighting. Instead, you can tap into the Dynamic Lighting feature, which can calibrate brightness and colors “both at the device level and across all devices.” The new settings feature is also smart enough to hand over RGB lighting settings to an app or game running on the PC, either in the foreground or in the background.

“Several device manufacturers, including Acer, Asus, HP, HyperX, Logitech, Razer, and Twinkly, have partnered with Microsoft on Dynamic Lighting,” the company said. But for now, it seems that Dynamic Lighting may only let you set lighting for mice and keyboards, not for other accessories and components like headsets or PC fans. But the company’s support documentation (Opens in a new window) indicates that a whole collection of peripherals built with HID LampArray will be supported, including “chassis”, “headset” and “game controller”.

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Microsoft adds that the feature currently only supports 26 accessory models, most of which are from Razer. (You can check out the company’s blog post(Opens in a new window) for each model name.) But we expect Dynamic Lighting to be supported in a broader range of products once Microsoft decides to roll the feature out of beta for mainstream users.

The company added: “The latest firmware should be used with these devices. We are aware of several issues with wireless device connections, so please use a wired connection with a compatible device to a PC, if possible, for now.” “.

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