Never Lose Your Gmail Password Again: Everyone’s Recovery Guide

Never Lose Your Gmail Password Again: Everyone's Recovery Guide

Gmail is one of Google’s main services and has become the symbol of its presence in the online world. We all know the importance of Gmail in our daily life, all our social media accounts, business profiles and other personal things are connected with it. Therefore, losing access to your Gmail account can be stressful.

According to online security experts, to keep Gmail account safe and secure from online threats like hacking, you should change your passwords frequently. However, doing this regularly can also cause you problems like forgot password?

Each email service has its own way of solving its users’ forgotten password problem. Gmail also follows the simple process to recover a Gmail password. In this guide, we will describe the valid process to recover Gmail password and security tips to avoid such situations in the future.

Basic Gmail recovery process

Gmail is known for providing complex and complicated features and services in a user-friendly way. The Gmail password recovery or reset process is also an easy task. You just need to open the Gmail login page and click the Forget Password button. You will then be prompted to remember a last password if you know the old one, type it in or click try otherwise. After that, please follow the on-screen manuals to reset the password.

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Isn’t that easy?

For the step by step process to recover Gmail password, follow the steps below.

Recover Gmail account password

Before starting the Gmail login password recovery process, make sure that you have opened the secondary email address linked with the particular Gmail account.

  • First of all, go to the Gmail login page and click Sign In.

  • Now enter the email address or phone number and hit the Next button.

enter email or phone number

  • Since you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot your password?

forgot gmail password

  • Gmail will ask you to enter the last remembered password, enter it or you can recover the password in another way by clicking on try another way

try another way

  • In case you have not accessed the registered phone, you can also receive the notification on the phone where you recently logged into your account or try another way.

try other ways

  • Enter the recovery email address and click submit to get the verification code.

enter recovery email address

  • The code will now be sent to your recovery email address. Open it in a new tab.

send a verification code

  • Once you get the code, copy it from your inbox.

copy the code

  • Enter the copied code in the box and click Next.

enter the code and click next

  • Once you have done all the steps above, it will ask you to set the new password. Enter the new one several times and press the Next button.

set a new password

  • Click on the Continue to Gmail

continue to gmail

  • That’s it, you have successfully recovered your account.

recovered gmail account

You can also watch the video-

YouTube video

Important questions asked by Google in the account recovery process

There are a few questions that Gmail will ask you while you recover your account. So check them out, they will help you in your future recovery process.

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Old Password: If you have remembered your old password, type it in when prompted.

Code verification: Based on the method you chose when changing your password. In case you have configured the two-step verification method, you will get the code in SMS format on your mobile or email at the email address.

Alternate Email Address to Recover Gmail Account: To reset the Gmail password for your account, you will need to have an alternate email address. In which you will receive a verification code to complete the recovery process.

Protect your Gmail account from unwanted circumstances

Once you have set the new password using the above methods, Gmail will ask you to improve the security of your Gmail account.

Set up recovery email or phone number

Start by adding the recovery phone number and email address to your account. It will help you avoid unwanted mistakes. Also, effective in data backup. If something happens with the account, you can easily recover it via the 6-digit verification code sent to your phone or email.

Check recent security events

Once you have finished adding a phone or email, click the Made button. You will now be moved to recent security events; where you can check recent activities related to your account. It is suggested to closely check all the activities if you find something strange, which means that someone has tried to access the account. If everything seems fine, click the “Looks good” button.

Check the devices connected with your account

In case you have accessed your account on different devices, you can check the list of devices along with the name and time. So please check the list of devices you have used to open your account.

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Use a strong password and two-step verification

If you’ve been using the internet, you should be aware of the spiel, use a strong password. A strong password means the combination of words, letters, and numeric numbers that no one can guess. A simple name, date of birth can be easily guessed and cracking these simple passwords for high-tech hackers is a piece of cake. Therefore, try to make the password as strong as possible. However, you can use the two-step verification process to enhance the security of your account.


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