Minecraft Developer Mojang Quits Reddit Citing API Changes and Protests

Minecraft Developer Mojang Quits Reddit Citing API Changes and Protests

The Mojang team will stop posting official content on the popular Minecraft subreddit. “This decision is based on the current situation,” says a developer.

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Reddit’s controversial API change and the resulting protests have caused a high-profile game developer to leave the platform: Minecraft developer Mojang Studios.

A Java developer for Mojang Studios posted (Opens in a new window) the news on the Minecraft subreddit, which has more than 7 million followers. “As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Reddit management recently introduced changes that have led to rule changes and moderation on many subreddits,” wrote Sliced_lime, who is likely Minecraft Java tech lead Mikael Hedberg (Opens in a window new).

“Due to these changes, we no longer feel that Reddit is an appropriate place to post official content or recommend to our players,” he added.

The Mojang developer did not elaborate on the decision. But the Minecraft subreddit was among thousands who took part in the Reddit “blackout” earlier this month to protest the platform’s plan to charge for API access, which risks shutting down several apps and third party tools.

Although the protests have subsided somewhat, Microsoft-owned Mojang appears to be the first team of software developers to leave Reddit in response. In a separate post, Sliced_lime added: “The moderators (of the Minecraft subreddit) did not cause this.”

On whether Mojang could return to the platform, the developer wrote(Opens in a new window): “We haven’t really decided or discussed anything. This decision is based on the current situation, if the situation were to change, we would have to discuss that then.”

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The decision to leave Reddit is more of a symbolic move; the Minecraft subreddit will still be alive, but with no official updates from the Mojang team. However, it comes as other subreddits are considering another round of protests against Reddit.

subreddit protesting

A subreddit that continues to protest the API changes. (Credit: r/Bestof)

On Tuesday, a moderator of the ModCoord subreddit, which has been organizing the protests, posted (Opens in a new window) a “call to action” starting July 1, the day the changes to the protests take effect. Reddit API. The post urges subreddits to consider protesting again by going private like they did during the blackout or enacting other changes to upset Reddit.

“The Reddit administrator has shown callous disregard for the demands of users and moderators alike to ensure continued access to the site,” the post added. “If Reddit persists on this path, third-party apps will have to be shut down for good (many have already announced this), and many users and moderators will lose valuable tools that have enriched communities.”

It’s unclear if the major subreddits will join the call to action. “I am spiritually supportive of this initiative, but after surveying the community and having a lot of criticism thrown at me even despite initial support from the community, I don’t think we can make our sub private without backlash from the community,” he wrote. a moderator (Opens in a new window). ) in response.

Some subreddits keep restricting user posts or enacting(Opens in a new window) other ridiculous rules to draw attention to the cause. Other moderators say they have abandoned the platform entirely.

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Meanwhile, Reddit has threatened to remove moderators who support the protests and reopen subreddits that have gone private. In a previous blog post (Opens in a new window), Reddit also claimed that it was making API access free for “non-commercial researchers and academics” and “moderator tools and bots.”

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