Microscopic ‘Louis Vuitton’ bag sells for ₹51 lakh at auction, smaller than a grain of salt

Microscopic 'Louis Vuitton' bag sells for ₹51 lakh at auction, smaller than a grain of salt

Trust the fashion fraternity to do the most unexpected things. As if the bags weren’t small enough, we now have a microscopic bag, smaller than a grain of salt. If someone asks what is the purpose of this bag, do you have an answer?

Anyway, the bag garnered a lot of attention online for obvious reasons, it was up for auction and now it has been. Guess what the price it was sold for?

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Tiny Louis Vuitton bag auctioned for Rs 51 Lakhs

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A minuscule bag ‘smaller than a grain of salt’ sold for $63,000 (Rs 51.6 lakh) during an online auction, according to CNN. In fact, for Rs 51 Lakhs one can buy 2,12,500 1kg packets of salt.

The tiny bright yellow-green bag is based on a popular Louis Vuitton design. MSCHF, a New York art collective, designed the bag.

According to CNN, the bag measures just 657 by 222 by 700 microns (less than 0.03 inches wide). When MSCHF shared a photo of the bag on its Instagram account earlier this month, it caused quite a stir.

The bag is narrow enough to fit through the eye of a needle.

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According to MSCHF, the pocket is narrow enough to fit through the eye of a needle and is smaller than a grain of sea salt. “There are big bags, regular bags and small bags, but this is the last word in bag miniaturization,” she said.

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The bag was reportedly created by two-photo polymerization, a technique used to 3D print microscale plastic parts. The bag was marketed together with a microscope with a digital display, allowing the consumer to inspect the product.

MSCHF images reveal Louis Vuitton’s distinctive “LV” monogram imprinted on the bag. Pricing for the full-size LV bag ranges from $3,100 to $4,300.

MSCHF, which was created in 2016, is known for its unusual auctions. Nike sued the group over their “Satan Shoes,” a collection of 666 pairs of sneakers customized with satanic emblems and drops of real human blood.

The disagreement was eventually settled out of court. MSCHF split four Birkin bags in 2021 to produce sandals that sold for $760,000 a pair.

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