McDonald’s To Release Halloween Special Four Different Boo Buckets In The US, Here’s The Design

McDonald's To Release Halloween Special Four Different Boo Buckets In The US, Here's The Design

McDonald’s across the US is preparing to amaze guests with a frightening and exciting treat as Halloween approaches. The fast-food chain is introducing ‘Boo Buckets’ in four different flavours, putting a spooky spin on the typical Happy Meal. 

This new service promises to provide a memorable and enjoyable Halloween experience for both children and adults. McDonald’s has a long history of creating holiday-themed menu items and promotions, and Halloween is no different.

The ‘Boo Buckets’ are the show’s star this year, aiming to make the Halloween season even more pleasurable. 

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What Are The 4 Themes Of Boo Buckets At McDonald’s?

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McDonald’s is getting into the Halloween mood by reintroducing the restaurant’s “Boo Buckets!” Throughout the year, the plastic buckets replace the traditional paper packaging for kids’ Happy Meals.

Customers can choose from four distinct varieties of “Boo Buckets” this year, known for their cute, festive designs: mummy (white), skeleton (orange), monster (green), and vampire (purple).

When Will The Boo Buckets Be Available?

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McDonald’s shops will have a limited supply of the classic festive pails. After a six-year break, the fast food company is returning the buckets for the second year in a row, beginning Oct. 17 and ending Oct. 31.

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Where Will The McDonald’s Boo Bucket Be Available?

The new Boo Buckets will be offered with McDonald’s Happy Meals across all McDonald’s outlets in the United States.

How Can You Get McDonald’s Boo Buckets?

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According to media reports, Boo Buckets will be available from October 17 until October 31. However, there is one condition: the celebratory pails will only be available while supplies last. Customers can order the Halloween-themed Happy Meal at any McDonald’s location (USA) or through the McDonald’s app. The rates will range from $4 to $7. 

History Of Boo Bucket’s

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These festive buckets first appeared in 1986, with three different variations. All three buckets were orange back then, but each had a distinct face for McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin. 

Then, in 1989, McDonald’s introduced green, white, and orange-coloured pails, which substantially altered their appearance. Several other adjustments were also made, such as lid modifications. 

The “Boo Buckets” are popular for their holiday-themed patterns and for all the ways they may be used after the meal. In 2022, social media users shared photographs of the buckets used as trick-or-treat, planters, and Christmas decorations.

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The ‘Boo Buckets’ introduction also demonstrates McDonald’s capacity to adapt and develop in response to changing seasons and customer preferences. 

McDonald’s is ready to provide a safe and enjoyable method for Halloween enthusiasts to celebrate the event. So, be ready to celebrate Halloween with McDonald’s ‘Boo Buckets.’ 

These macabre delicacies are poised to become a popular choice for anyone looking for a treat with a twist in October, thanks to their variety, sustainability, and promise of a memorable Halloween experience.

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