Man Drops GoPro In The Ocean – Now We Know How Terrifying The Bottom Of A Cruise Ship Really Is

Man Drops GoPro In The Ocean - Now We Know How Terrifying The Bottom Of A Cruise Ship Really Is

People were shocked after a videographer tossed a GoPro beneath a cruise liner, allowing us to see what was hiding beneath the surface. 

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Who uploaded the ‘terrifying’ underwater video?

YouTube Screengrab

Odysseas Froilan from Greece uploaded the video to YouTube in November 2021, where it has already received over five million views. 

What did the video feature?

go pro
YouTube Screengrab

When the clip begins, we can see the ship’s side before the camera is dropped into the water and instantly encounters a school of fish. 

As it continues its fall into the briny depths, we see a variety of fish swimming past the camera. 

It ultimately settles on the seafloor close to a massive chain of sorts; the camera then continues along, taking up more fish and more of the strange landscape. 

Where did the camera eventually land underwater?

YouTube Screengrab

The camera then cuts as it slowly and steadily returns to the surface, providing us with a fairly close-up image of the underside of a cruise liner in case you’ve ever wondered what it looks like. 

The clip then changes to nighttime video, which is where things start to become a little creepy, in my opinion. 

Not only does the darkness provide an eerie quality to the footage that previous footage lacked, but multiple sharks swim by as the camera moves through the water. It’s a resounding ‘nope’ from me. 

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How did people react?

The stunning film has left wildlife enthusiasts both impressed and terrified. 

Commenting on the clip, a person said: “The way I went from kicking my feet in the air at the cute fishies and thinking ‘maybe the ocean isn’t so scary after all’ in the day footage to blankly staring, terrified, at the night footage, further confirming my intense fear of the ocean.” 

Someone else said, “Man, there’s something primally terrifying about seeing a shark emerge from the darkness like that.” 

A third said, “It’s surreal, scary, and intriguing all at the same time!” 

“Even though I am at home watching this, it still takes my breath away with fear,” a fourth viewer commented. 

“I would just like to point out the difference in marine life depending on the time of day,” said another. If you’re ever on a cruise, don’t take a chance and jump into the ocean at night; most sharks are nocturnal hunters who are just waiting for you.”

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