Man Arrested In Spain For Faking Heart Attacks 20 Times At Fancy Restaurants To Avoid Paying Bill

Man Arrested In Spain For Faking Heart Attacks 20 Times At Fancy Restaurants To Avoid Paying Bill

When it comes to avoiding the bill, people can get quite creative. But where do we draw the line between clever and excessive? According to Daily Loud, local police in Spain’s Blanca region detained a man who gained notoriety for eating at posh restaurants and faking a heart attack to avoid paying. 

How did the man deceive restaurants? 

A photo of the 50-year-old man is now shared among restaurants as a precautionary measure. Police reported that the man managed to deceive over 20 restaurants. His scheme unraveled when, at a hotel restaurant, he received a bill of $37. 

As the staff member briefly stepped away, the man attempted to leave without paying, but he was apprehended and informed that he still owed the bill.

In an attempt to evade payment, he asserted he would retrieve the money from his hotel room, but the staff didn’t permit him to leave. At that moment, he began pretending to have a heart attack.

“It was very theatrical; he pretended to faint and slumped himself down on the floor,” the restaurant manager told a Spanish news outlet. “We have sent his photo to all the restaurants to try and stop him from striking again.”


Per the Spanish news agency EFE, the man was dressed in long gray pants, a polo shirt, trekking shoes, and a vest from a famous brand.

When he asked the restaurant staff to call an ambulance, they declined and contacted the police instead. Upon the police’s arrival, they identified the man from previous incidents at other restaurants in Alicante and took him into custody, according to EFE.

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He has resided in the city since November 2022.

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