Lanyards as Brand Ambassadors: How to Use Them for Business Promotion?

Lanyards as Brand Ambassadors: How to Use Them for Business Promotion?

There are numerous methods you can use to promote your business. The key is to be aware that even small details can make a huge impact. For example, if you have a meeting with a potential client, using custom lanyards can be an efficient way to leave a better impression and gather more focus on your brand.

The brand identity is essential, and this is an additional step that will secure it. It can also be a great solution for various events like ceremonies, conferences, conventions, fairs, and more. In that matter, ensuring a good-looking lanyard on each of your representatives is crucial. You can check on this site. There are some tips that will help you use lanyards for brand promotion.

Choose the Right Design


The design is the first step to focus on when choosing this item. The best approach is to select the combination of colors related to your business. That is also the easiest method since you can choose the same colors as your brand, or website, or focus on some values your company is promoting.

The flexibility is a great advantage because you can play around with details. For instance, you can add a quote related to some values. Add the logo to that and you will ensure the perfect balance.

However, the selection will require some planning. The key factors are to get more attention and to ensure brand consistency. Therefore, a combination of colors that is not related to your business can be a bad idea.

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Besides the appearance, the key is to secure the right quality. In that matter, going for the cheapest solution is not a good approach as well. Instead of that, research the market and look for those options where you can get the optimal quality for your budget.

Another detail that can make a difference is when you select the materials suitable to your values or some event. For example, an eco-friendly and recyclable material that will highlight the focus of your company on the environment.

Share Them at Events


There are many reasons why this option is better than other solutions like sharing promo materials like classic papers or banners. First of all, you will wear a lanyard with your logo and preferred design.

On the other hand, you can share a lot of promo material and expect that people will accept it since it is not a typical piece of paper. For instance, you can give people lanyards in a package along with other materials where they can read more about your business.

Furthermore, it is a perfect solution for key chains, lighters, USBs, and much more. Gifting a USB attached to these items would be especially attractive to many visitors at some events.

There are additional tricks to use and get more attention. For instance, to print a QR code on the fabric, and combine it with a promotion like a discount or some other benefit. That would surely attract more potential clients.

Another efficient solution is to share them on social media. The fact is that people love getting stuff for free, and many of them will see lanyards as a useful item to own. In that matter, you can create an online event where you will give people who comment or like some posts on FB or some other social network. You can play around with additional details as well, such as adding a feature where the lanyard can be used as a free entrance to some event, for a discount in your store, and more.

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What Are the Main Benefits?


First of all, we have to add that the only way to get the most out of it is to ensure the right appearance that will help people recognize your business through it, but also to share with the right model, with the focus on motivating people to make certain steps to get one.

As more people start to see and wear the lanyard, you will notice more benefits.

Building Brand Identity

It is a simple yet effective method where you will grab the attention of people and make it easier for them to remember or even start feeling familiar with the values you are promoting. You can resolve it by simply wearing it along with all your employees. When you add gifting to it, positive results can be expected quite fast.

High Efficiency

As we already mentioned, people love getting stuff for free, and the best part is that lanyards are functional, and many people will keep using them instead of a keychain, for USBs, and more. That can quickly make your brand easily recognizable.

It’s Simple and Practical

While there are many alternatives for increased brand awareness, most of them are more expensive, and efficiency can be questionable. On the other hand, buying a bunch of lanyards to share them at some event is a simple, affordable, yet highly efficient solution.

A Perfect Representation of Your Business


When there is a group of people working for the same company, it will leave an impression on others when they notice that the particular group is wearing the same lanyard. The impact will make most of those who are passing by such a group pay more attention to the appearance and other elements of the lanyard.

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While events are a good solution for representation, other places can be a great choice as well, like team building, business lunches, and more.


The key is to select the right combination of colors and additional elements and find a way to share the lanyards with more people. All those people could become potential partners or loyal customers.

The most efficient solution is to include gifts or other promotions like discounts that someone can use only with the lanyard, or a QR code found on it. The key feature is that it will surely ensure more attention in the public, and make people aware and more interested in your brand.

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