Jo Lindner: Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Natty, Girlfriend

Jo Lindner: Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Diet, Steroids, Date of Birth, Natty, Arm Size, Weight, Career, Nationality, Weight, Height, Death, Cause of Death. Jo Lindner was a famous social media fitness influencer. He was also known as “Joesthetic”. He was recognized as a passionate fitness athlete, brand ambassador, YouTuber, fitness model, content creator, and social media influencer. The famous influencer has around 9 million fan followers on his Instagram. To motivate young folks, he used to share his workout tips, diet plans and along with his shoe collection.

Jo Lindner


In this article we are going to cover the life of the famous model and influencer Jo Lindner.

Jo Lindner Early life:

Jo was born on Thursday, 14 January 1993 in Regensburg, Germany. He started bodybuilding in his teens and made an impressive physique. Later in his 20s, he moved to Thailand and started making videos about fitness and bodybuilding. He is German by nationality. His parent’s name are not known yet.


Jo completed his high school at a Local High School. Then he went on to pursue his graduation from California University in Berkeley and a master of Science from the University des Saarlandes in Germany.

Jo Lindner Girlfriend:

The famous influencer and bodybuilder was unmarried and had no kids. He has a girlfriend nicha who is also a bodybuilder.

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Jo Lindner Height and Weight:

Jo Lindner

Height _ 6 ft

Weight _ 100 kg

Chest _ 44″

Biceps _ 18″

Waist _ 32″


Jo started his bodybuilding journey at a very young age and built his impressive career around his passion. He has a massive fan following on his social media platforms. He stabilized himself as a renowned fitness model.

Jo’s Instagram account “joesthetic” has around 9 million followers and he also runs his YouTube channel, where he has a massive fan following and posts videos of his daily workout and routine. He was also an athlete of YoungLA, Fathersons (A clothing brand), and also an ambassador of Huge Supplements.

Natty / steroids:

The famous influencer and bodybuilder has admitted to not being natty. He disclosed this to his audience in a YouTube video as he was sick of people speculating it and asking him questions.

“Believe me, I tried to stop, but you should be aware that there may be long-term consequences for your life. Keep in mind that TRT is a significant commitment, as Jo Lindner stated in his previous post.

Jo Lindner Net worth:

Jo was a very successful fitness influencer and bodybuilder. He has earned a good amount of money in his short period of life. As of 2023 estimate, Jo’s net worth is approximately $800, 000.

Jo Lindner Information Table:

Here is the full bio of the famous bodybuilder, about his Height and Weight, Nationality, Ethnicity, Girlfriend, Family, Ranking, Born, Birthday, Birthplace, Net Worth & other information.

Property Details
Full Name Jo Lindner
Nationality German
Ethnicity Not Available
Born January 14, 1993
Birthplace Regensburg, Germany
Height 6 feet
Weight 100 kg
Age 30 years
Education Bachelor’s and Master’s degree
Family Unknown parental Identity
Relationship Nicha
Net Worth $800, 000
House Living in own house
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Social media



Jo Lindner

Some lesser-known facts:

1- Jo used to collect sneakers and loved to wear expensive shoes.

2- His eye’s color was blue and his hair was blonde.

3- He was an animal lover and loved dogs so much.

4- He had inked a “stay strong” Tattoo on his upper back.

5- He also underwent surgery to address gynecomastia. It’s a medical condition characterized by the enlargement of the breast tissue in males.

Cause of death:

The famous influencer died on 30 June 2023 at the age of 30. He was diagnosed with a rare decease Aneurysm, a condition in which a bulging occurs in a blood vessel. His bodybuilder friend Noel Dyzel and his girlfriend, Nicha shared this tragic news of his death with his fans with their photos and a tribute massage as well.

How Do Aneurysms Happen?

Blood arterial bulges known as commonly appear in the aorta, brain, back of the knee, gut, or spleen. Internal bleeding and stroke can result from an aneurysm that has ruptured. An aneurysm forms when a section of the artery wall fails, enabling it to abnormally inflate out or enlarge, according to the American Heart Association. In addition to inherited factors, aneurysms can also be caused by trauma. Having aneurysms in your family may increase your risk of developing one. Other risk factors, according to the website of the Heart Association, include smoking, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

The abrupt demise of Jo created a hole in the fitness industry. But his influence and impact continue to motivate countless people to prioritize their health and follow their fitness ambitions. We will cherish our memories of his dynamic personality, passion to training, and desire to see others lead healthier lifestyles.

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Q. How tall Jo Lindner is? 

Ans. Jo Lindner was 6 ft tall. 

Q. What happened to Jo Lindner? 

Ans. Jo Lindner died due to a rare disease called Aneurysm.

Q. How did Jo Lindner die? 

Ans. Jo Lindner died after being diagnosed with Aneurysm.

Q. Does Jo Lindner do steroids? 

Ans. In his recent interview, he said, “The craziest cycle that I probably did was … 100 mg of [Testosterone Propionate] and 100 mg of tren[bolone] every day.”

Q. How much does Jo Lindner weigh? 

Ans. Jo Lindner was 100 kg.

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