Italian MP Gilda Sportiello applauded as first breastfeeding politician in parliament after rule change

Italian MP Gilda Sportiello applauded as first breastfeeding politician in parliament after rule change

Gilda Sportiello, a leading member of the left-leaning Five Star Movement, captured world attention today by becoming the first politician in the Italian parliament to breastfeed her child during a session in Rome.

In a remarkable display of motherhood, the 36-year-old legislator breastfed her two-month-old son, Frederico, in the Chamber of Deputies, drawing hearty applause.

This extraordinary act marks a pivotal moment in the nation’s political landscape, highlighting the growing recognition of women’s rights and the acceptance of motherhood within the realm of governance.

A progressive amendment to Italy’s parliamentary rules has opened the doors for women lawmakers to bring their children into the chamber and breastfeed them until they are one year old.

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This significant advance marks a departure from the previous norm and aligns Italy with other countries that have already embraced breastfeeding in their parliamentary settings.

The delay in adopting this practice in Italy can be attributed to its traditionally male-dominated political landscape, where men make up approximately two-thirds of legislators.

Gilda Sportiello, a fervent supporter of women’s rights, passionately emphasized the need for policies that support working mothers. Her influential voice resonated with the nation as she highlighted the importance of empowering women in politics.

This momentous change not only promotes gender equality, but also recognizes the unique challenges that working mothers face and the importance of meeting their needs.

She said: “Too many women stop breastfeeding early, not by choice, but because they are forced to return to the workplace.”

His remarkable act garnered unanimous applause and widespread acclaim from his fellow MPs. Giorgio Mule, president of the parliamentary session, commented: “It is the first time, with the support of all the parties. My best wishes to Federico for a long, free and peaceful life. Now we will speak quietly.”


Giorgia Meloni, the nation’s first female prime minister, originally proposed a rule allowing breastfeeding in parliament, which has now become law in Italy.


This progressive step marks an important milestone in Italian politics, reflecting the nation’s commitment to gender equality and support for working mothers.

Building on this inclusive initiative, a room dedicated to breastfeeding was inaugurated in November of the same year inside the parliament buildings at Palazzo Montecitorio.

This unique facility provides a nurturing space for nursing mothers, further exemplifying Italy’s dedication to creating an environment that recognizes and accommodates the needs of women in the political arena.

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The combined efforts of Giorgia Meloni and the introduction of the dedicated breastfeeding room underline Italy’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive and supportive political landscape.

These measures demonstrate the nation’s progress and set a positive example for other countries striving to improve women’s representation and create an enabling environment for working mothers within their own parliaments.

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