Is There A Perfect Type? Know What A Professional Instructor Suggests You Wear While Driving

Is There A Perfect Type? Know What A Professional Instructor Suggests You Wear While Driving

A driving teacher has advised motorists to avoid wearing certain types of shoes while driving. As you may be aware, driving in the wrong sort of footwear can result in a costly charge. 

Basically, if your footwear or apparel hinders you from properly using vehicle controls, you could get into trouble with the law. 

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Who was the instructor who informed the internet?

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An instructor from Next Level Driving School took to TikTok to describe the types of shoes to avoid before getting behind the wheel. 

What did the instructor suggest?

If you were stopped and an officer thought your footwear was incorrect, you may face a ‘Driving Without Due Care and Attention’ charge.

The legal definition of the defence is “allowing the standard of driving to fall below that of a competent and careful driver,” and it carries a fixed punishment of £100 as well as three points on your licence.

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The RAC, on the other hand, states that “the maximum penalty here is nine points on your licence and a £5,000 fine.” 

You may even be barred from driving completely if you go through the courts. 

“So I just had somebody in the car who wore a pair of shoes with massive soles on them,” he says in the video. 

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“And it had an effect on the drive.” She did an excellent job with the car controls, however if you’re wearing shoes while driving, they should be flat. You should be able to feel the pedals, because not being able to will undoubtedly affect how you drive the automobile.” 

Why do you need to keep these points in mind? 

The Driving Standards Agency recommends that your driving shoes.

– Have a sole that is no thicker than 10mm.

– The sole should not be very thin or overly soft.

– Give your foot adequate grip to keep it from slipping off the pedals.

– It should not be overly heavy.

– Not restrict ankle movement.

– Be narrow enough to prevent mistakenly depressing two pedals at the same time. 

Drivers are required by Rule 97 of the Highway Code to wear “footwear and clothing that does not prevent you from using the controls in the correct manner.”

How did people react? 

One commenter related his own experiences with driving with questionable footwear, writing: “Very accurate. When I wore shoes with large soles, I couldn’t feel the pedals at all and felt exceedingly risky and unsafe, so I went back to replace them.” 

In a subsequent comment, he stated, “It’s surprising how footwear can affect driving.”

And told another follower that something that has support is crucial’. 

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